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Businesses in Cheltenham and the Gloucestershire area could soon be saving on their water rates. Switch to Castle Water and see your relationship with water improve almost immediately.

From its beginnings as a spa town to a world-class racing reputation, not to mention a renowned festival, there is no place quite like Cheltenham. There are businesses of every size here, all with one thing in common – Water. Many companies stay with their existing water suppliers simply because they don’t realise other options are out there. Castle Water could help you save from the moment you switch.

Speak to a local agent today who can help you understand your water bill and demystify what services you need and why.

From companies in Pittville Park to Benhill, and everywhere in between, water savings could be just a phone call away.

Helping Businesses in Cheltenham

With hundreds of businesses that stretch from the Cotswolds to Gloucester, there are a lot of different water needs amongst the mixture of companies that call Cheltenham home.

Castle Water is on hand to help businesses create the most efficient, and cost-saving, water setup. Switching water suppliers does not mean an interruption to service. You could be surprised at how simple and stress-free the process is.

With a dedicated team who know Cheltenham standing by, you are in good hands.

Switching Water Supplier in Cheltenham

Protecting the resources of the planet should be a part of every business plan. Energy-saving light bulbs, green insulation and robust recycling programs are just some of the ways that companies save resources and money. When it comes to water though, what can you do?

As a business owner, you can now learn more about your water usage with Castle Water’s water audits. Switching your water supplier could make a big difference both on your expenses and the quality of your water service.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Castle Water is an expert in finding ways to ensure you are using water efficiently, and in ways that give the earth a helping hand. When Cheltenham businesses switch to Castle Water they receive a water audit. Once complete, we can start suggesting ways to improve and save immediately. New customers can also look forward to:

Where Cheltenham Businesses get Water From

Whether you are running a boutique in the Montpellier Arcade or a fine dining establishment on The Suffolks your water will come from the same place.

The whole of Cheltenham is supplied by a gigantic underground reservoir that was built in Victorian time. This feat of engineering is fed from the River Severn and holds enough water to keep the residents and businesses of Cheltenham watered for three days.

The exact location of the reservoir is kept secret to keep it safe, and don’t worry, it gets inspected every ten years to make sure it hasn’t sprung any leaks!

Water Solutions for Cheltenham Businesses

 Castle Water supports businesses across the country we can help you get your business off to the races when it comes to saving money on your water bill.

Whether your business calls Arle, Lynworth or St Paul’s home, Castle Water’s dedicated team is on hand to help you understand your water bills and explain all your options.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Castle Water is making it easy for large businesses to keep track of their outgoings. With consolidated billing; multi-meter and multi-site companies can receive a single invoice for all their water needs, including wastewater.

With automatic meter readings and water audits Cheltenham business could start saving as soon as they make the switch to Castle Water.

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Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England and is considered one of the most trusted water suppliers in the Cheltenham area. Find out more about why businesses trust us to help them save on bills and become water efficient.

As an independent retailer, our loyalty is to our customers in Cheltenham. Our goal is to push for the best prices and results for your business. Get in touch today on 01250 718 700.