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Huddersfield has long been a town known for its manufacturing background. Everything from woollen textiles to high-end prams has been made in this part of the world, as the local economy has evolved with the times. Sadly, many businesses are still stuck in a time warp when it comes to paying for business water service.

Castle Water can help local businesses understand their existing systems, see where improvements lie and make it easier to switch business water supplier. The customer service team are the highest rated in the UK when it comes to helping business customers.

Switching Water Supplier in Huddersfield

When you get a new water bill through the letterbox, are you confident that you’re getting your money’s worth? When businesses make the switch to Castle Water, they quickly learn that we provide more than just a guaranteed tariff.

Switching water supplier is a hassle-free task with Castle Water that starts with a quick quote and results in lower bills and better service. Get a quote from us today and start your water supplier switch.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Customers of Castle Water can make use of additional services including:

In many cases, our team will match your business with a local agent who has expert knowledge of the local water network and can provide essential information on how to make those vital improvements which will bring costs down.

Where Huddersfield Businesses get Water From

Anytime a tap is turned on in Huddersfield, would you know where that water came from? Businesses in the area tend to get their water from reservoirs dotted around the county (Yateholme and Ramsden are examples of this). These reservoirs hold millions of litres that filters through from rivers or comes via rainfall, before being transports to water treatment works in areas like Brownhill in Holmbridge.

From there, water is cleaned up and sent into the local network. The water network in most of West Yorkshire is joined together, so we share water between towns based on demand.

Huddersfield is also incredibly lucky that it has quite soft water compared to other parts of the country.

Water Solutions for Huddersfield Businesses

Running a small business in the middle of town and want to talk with someone about water charges? Or do you have a unit in an industrial park you feel should be paying less on bills? No matter where in Huddersfield your business is located, or who your current business water supplier is, Castle Water will be able to help.

Get an idea of how much could be saved right now by using our instant quote tool.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses in Huddersfield

There are many businesses in the area which relies on hundreds of litres a week to ensure processes go smoothly; especially those delivering around the country and working close to the M1.

Castle Water can help though water efficiency services, enabling bigger businesses to consolidate bills, use smart meters, and see visible reductions in wastewater management.  Visit our water management for small and medium-sized businesses to find out more.

Have a business in Huddersfield? Get in Touch

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England. you’d like to know more about business water services in Huddersfield, please get in touch today with our customer service team.

You can call us directly on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am and find out more about switching business water supplier by clicking