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Serving Businesses in the North West

Castle Water is working with business customers in the North West looking for lower bills and improved water services. When you feel your business is possibly getting charged too much, or current providers aren’t meeting your needs, Castle Water can help.

The North West is often seen as the friendliest part of the country, but local businesses can often get irritated when water bills are too high, or the likes of trade effluent don’t truly reflect usage. If this sounds all too familiar for your business, get in touch.

Helping Businesses in North West England

Castle Water helps businesses of all sizes across the North West with their water services. Whether you’re running a small café in Preston or have a factory facility in Blackburn, any business looking to bring bills down can hopefully do so when they talk to Castle Water.

Switching water suppliers is effortless and can be done without any interruption to daily operations.

If you’re in the North West and want to talk with someone about switching to Castle Water, contact us today and speak with a representative.

Change Water Supplier in North West England

Castle Water provides a wide range of services for business customers in the North West. Specialist network partners are helping companies understand where changes in daily operation will result in savings and improved water efficiency.

If you run a business in North West England, you can now take advantage of Caste Water’s partner services. Get a quote from us today and change your water supplier today.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Many businesses will be able to have a water audit carried out. Castle Water can send a local agent to your business, or multiple locations, to assess current water usage and provide recommendations which will save water and bring bills down.

Businesses in North West should also know that Castle Water can provide help with:

Where does the North West get water from?

Water in the North West comes from a variety of sources and locations. A generalisation that has some truth is that the further south you go along the region, the harder water becomes.

Now this change doesn’t really occur until you get near Crewe and Chester, as they mainly draw water from other locations. For example, a large portion of the water supply in Liverpool is sourced from Lake Vyrnwy in Wales, while Manchester uses the Thirlmere Aqueduct to get a large portion of water directly from Thirlmere reservoir in the Lake District.

Many towns in the North West will get their water from the Lake District, and because this is source water (i.e. not extracted from underground pools) water is soft.

Water Solutions for businesses in the North West

Castle Water works with businesses all over the North West. Some of the main areas we cover include:

  • Carlisle
  • Penrith
  • Kendal
  • Lancaster
  • Blackpool
  • Preston
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Chester
  • Crewe

Anyone with a business in these areas should know if they can get a better deal on their water bill. If this is of interest to you, contact us today and speak with a member of the team.

Better Water Billing for Larger Businesses

With the M6 running through the North West, there are many larger companies with a national reach that use hundreds of litres of water every month. Many big companies often don’t realise that water bills work off of estimated tariffs, or that their bills will possibly lump wastewater in there as an additional figure too.

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England and can help any large business, especially those in manufacturing and processing, who want to lower the cost of bills when dealing with wastewater and trade effluent, as well as new connections when pivotal to operations.

Based in the North West? Get in Touch

Castle Water is the highest rated water retailer in the UK, helping customers in the North West and across the country get the best deal possible on their water bills or energy bills. Start your switch today.

If you are based in the North West and feel you could benefit from improved services, please get in touch with Castle Water today. Our phone line is open from 8 am every weekday, and you can call us on 01250 718 700.

For anyone with a specific question they need answering in a hurry, click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page. It will put you through to one of the team who will be happy to help.