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Running a business in Warrington and feel your water bills don’t honestly reflect usage? Castle Water is helping small and large businesses make the switch over and start saving on water bills.

Warrington may be sandwiched between Liverpool and Manchester, but that doesn’t mean that businesses in the town should be paying “city” prices for services, especially when water is involved. A good chunk of companies in the area don’t know that they can easily switch water company and improve billings, and with Castle Water here to help, it’s never been easier.

Helping Businesses in Warrington

Warrington has the largest catchment area of any town outside of the M25. That is reflective of the number of businesses in the area. If you take the greater Cheshire area into account, there are over 70,000 companies who need to use water every day.

With many using hundreds of litres a day to operate efficiently, knowing how and when to be smart with water can help slash bills effectively. It’s something Castle Water can help your business understand.

Changing Water Supplier in Warrington

It’s not often you can say you have a positive relationship with your water company, but at Castle Water, we get to know your company’s relationship with water. By understanding the uses and role water plays, we can help you clearly see where savings can be made, alongside changes to improve your system. If this is not something your current provider is doing for you, you may want to consider switching to us and your business will benefit from expertise in all areas of water and wastewater for businesses.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Business water services we provide in Warrington include:

  • New connections
  • Smart meter reading
  • Wastewater management
  • Water auditing
  • Multi-site consolidated billing

Where Businesses in Warrington get Water from

While the River Mersey weaves its way through town, it’s not where Warrington gets water from. Like most of the region, drinking water comes from the Lake District, Pennines, River Dee and as far as North Wales.

Water is sourced from aquifers where water filters down from rainfall and via rivers. In some cases, there are natural reservoirs (like water coming from the Lake District) which helps give us a good level of water softness compared to further down the country.

Every time you turn a tap on, the water could be coming from one of over 70 sources in the area, so you’ll never really get water from just one local reservoir.

Water Solutions for Small Businesses in Warrington

Every bill matters for a small business, no matter what industry you’re in.

Whether you run a small shop in the town centre or have a bigger retail unit near Wharf Industrial Estate that doesn’t currently have a solid understanding of water usage, Castle Water can help. We can provide water audits for small businesses to check there aren’t any surprises in your water system that could mistakenly be placing your bills well above where they rightly should be.

Water Services for Large Businesses in Warrington

Operating in a larger unit off the M62 or have a multi-location company in the area with varying level of water usage? You’ll be looking to consolidate bills and have water contingency plans in place to avoid disruption.

Castle Water works with large organisations looking to improve with water systems, especially those looking to see if their trade effluent requirements are up to standard. We also help larger companies in the process of moving premise with their water bills, so they don’t end up paying for bills on water that is no longer their responsibility.


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Castle Water is one of the highest-rated business water service providers in the UK. With over 4,500 reviews from customers on Trustpilot, we help customers across the country with their water needs. We can help any business from larger multi-property businesses to smaller independent businesses.

If you’re like to know more about how we can help your company, you can get a quote at our Switch to us page or call 01250 718 718.