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Castle Water is helping independent businesses across Blackpool and the coastal parts of Lancashire with their business water and associated water services. Our highly rated customer team is enabling locally run companies to move from their current water retailer to one which provides access to a range of services, with a focus on bringing bills down and improving network longevity.

Everyone knows Blackpool is a city which has a large percentage of retail and service-based businesses, due to its stature as a tourist hub. Such a position lends the town to have many locally owned and operated independent businesses; whether that’s someone running a shop right down by the promenade, or a café just off Church Street.

With such a diverse local portfolio, businesses will need to use water uniquely, and this means anyone looking after the water bills for their business should be making sure they are indeed getting the best deal possible.

Castle Water is glad to be helping Blackpool businesses gain access to better services and bring bills down where possible.

Helping Businesses in Blackpool

There’s nothing better than a sunny day down by the beach in Blackpool. You can get some ice cream, see the sights along South Pier, go to a water park, grab a coffee by the Mirror Ball, and of course get some fish & chips. With such a focus towards the waterfront and water in general, businesses across Blackpool should be making the most of their water services.

Blackpool is one of the top locations for return on rent in the UK, making it an excellent place for a business to keep running costs down. Castle Water allows businesses in the area, whether you’re down by the water, close to Marton Circle, or by the M55, understand you don’t pay so much for water bills.

Many business owners don’t know that they have the right to switch from their current water supplier and join Castle Water. Our customer team can place your business on a better tariff, see if there are long-term savings to be made, and match you with local agents who will look to improve your internal systems.

Switch Blackpool Water Supplier

Many businesses in and around Blackpool don’t often consider the effect water has on the business. When it’s necessary for daily operations, it’s the kind of thing that gets overlooked as it’s deemed essential. That doesn’t mean you have to pay so much though.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

When businesses switch to Castle Water, we aim to highlight additional business water services which you can make use of. These include:

With many businesses keen to keep wastewater to a minimum, services like these are essential. You can find out more about all the business water services Blackpool customers have access to.

Where Blackpool Businesses Get Water From

Much of Lancashire shares a water supply, so while Blackpool may be right on the coastline, water isn’t sourced from the sea. Blackpool has to rely on water from a mixture of surface and groundwater sources from rivers, reservoirs and underground pools.

If you were to go north towards Lancaster, or just down the road to Liverpool, you’d find that water is mainly sourced from surface water. This is why the water in Blackpool can sometimes feel harder.

Water Solutions for Blackpool Businesses

Running your own business in Blackpool and don’t feel you have the time to look at water bills and what services you might need to bring costs down? Are you worried about usage levels pushing costs up when its tourist season? Castle Water can help.

No matter where in town you’re located, or what industry your business is in, Castle Water can highlight a range of options to improve internal water systems.

If you have a business in Blackpool and want an idea of how much can be saved on your bills, get an instant quote and talk to one of the team today.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

With so many larger businesses near the M55 & M6, a substantial volume of water is needed every day to keep operations running. Any business owner who sees usage increasing over time, and bills reflecting as such, may want to talk to Castle Water and see if improvements can be made to get water bills under control. This is particularly true for business owners that have various properties as part of their business operations.

When working with larger companies, our focus is very much on providing water efficiency services that can look for opportunities to recycle water and see if wastewater and sewerage levels can come down.

Have a business in Blackpool? Get in Touch

Castle Water supports businesses across the country if you run a business in Blackpool and feel you should be getting a better deal on your water bills or energy bills, please get in touch today by calling Castle Water on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.