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The Mersey is always a majestic sight to see when you’re down by the water. But if you’re running a business in Liverpool, do you know how much your water bills are and if you’re spending far too much for water?

 Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England we are helping businesses in Liverpool make the switch over so we can help them save and improve their water services through a simple process that benefits the bottom line.

Serving Businesses Across Inner Liverpool

What does a small café in Dale Street have in common with a hair salon on Ranelagh Street? Both rely on a lot of water to keep the business running, but they also use water in completely different ways.

We can help small business owners improve their billing and how they look at water usage.

We also help business owners who operate across multiple locations in Liverpool city centre take better control of their water rates through consolidated billing and smart meter reading. It helps avoid any surprises from a bill.

Serving Businesses Across Greater Liverpool

Running a large scale business outside the city that you know uses a lot of water every day? Feel like there’s a better way you could manage wastewater and bring costs down?

We can carry out a comprehensive water audit as part of our wastewater management services that help businesses in areas like Knowsley Industrial Park and Boaler Street Industrial Estate see bills go down.

Switching Business Water Supplier in Liverpool

Every business will use water in their own unique way, and that means that companies should be billed accordingly. That isn’t the case though. When companies in Liverpool come to us for advice or a water audit, we find that their bills can be too high and the way they’re using water could be improved dramatically.

If you’re looking to improve your billing and change water supplier, no need to worry about any interruption to water services. The switching process is simple as we look after everything for you.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

We help you understand the real cost of water through the services we provide, some of which include:

When you consider the journey water takes to get to your business, and the effort a system has to go through to help you keep things running, you’ll want to seek out ways you can lower costs and usage.

Where Liverpool’s Business Water Comes From

If you think the water Liverpool gets comes straight from the Mersey or possibly from a treatment plan up the coast, you’d be far off the mark.

It can be surprising to learn that Liverpool gets the majority of its drinking water from Llyn Celyn and Lake Vyrnwy, two beautiful lakes over 50 miles south in Wales. Both lakes supply millions of gallons of water to the city every day. All that water has to make the journey and go through processing before it can be used.

All that effort comes at a price to businesses and making sure that a company is acting responsibly (and smart) can help drastically lower water bills. With our knowledge of the local area and water management, we make it easier to take control of domestic commercial water bills.

A Water Company Liverpool Trusts

When you switch to Castle Water, we make sure you’ll never be short-changed by water usage ever again and could be saving up to 20% on bills.

We’re always transparent and trying to see where savings can be made. It’s one of the reasons why we’re recommended highly by over 4,200 reviews on Trustpilot.

Get in Touch Directly

Want to see if your business could be saving on water bills or energy bills? Curious about your business’s multiple locations and switching? Call us on 01250 718 700 (Mon -Fri 8 am to 6 pm) and speak to one of the team. We’ll see what your options are and help get your business ready to switch.