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Castle Water is helping businesses in York and the wider Yorkshire get a better deal on their business water rates. By switching over, you could soon see the relationship your business has with water improve dramatically.

York has a rich industrial history and is home to many businesses that need to have the best water services possible. A lot of companies though stick with their current water providers because the idea of switching or creating new connections seems tedious and time-consuming; both things that businesses who work with Castle Water in York never have to worry about.

It’s hard to argue the historic importance York has, and the vibrant culture this part of the country has. While The Shambles may be one of the most notable parts of town, you don’t want your business water services to end up in a shambles of their own.

Castle Water is helping businesses around York and Yorkshire gain access to improved business water services.

Helping Businesses in York

There are hundreds of businesses based in the city centre that grow to thousands the closer you get to the outer ring. That’s a lot of businesses which all need water for specific needs.

Castle Water helps businesses of any size understand what their current water set-up is like, what it could be like, and where those avenues to improve efficiency lie. By default, most businesses in the area will have the same water supplier. Not many people know that they can switch water supplier without any interruption to service.

With local agents at hand who know this area, businesses in York can start saving in no time.

Switch Water Supplier in York

Since 2017, businesses can now choose to change their water supplier like any other utility provider. This means that businesses in York don’t have to stick to their traditional provider if they are not completely satisfied with the services provided. At Castle Water, we go above and beyond to make sure your business is using water as efficiently as possible.

When Castle Water gets to know your business, one of the first things we’ll do is carry out a water audit. It helps us identify what your current usage looks like and instantly highlights areas to improve upon.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

That isn’t everything though, as there are many services we help provide companies in York, some of which include:

Where York Businesses get Water From

A business on Wigginton Road and another on Davygate may be less than a mile apart, but they don’t get water from the same location. York and much of the county pulls its water from several sources.

Water in York will mostly be sourced from a reservoir, borehole or river, creating a mixture of hard and soft water which is processed for cleaning from a combination of sources. The local network also shares water from reservoirs, so water moves freely to meet demand.

That’s why water from your tap can feel hard one week and softer the next.

Water Solutions for York Businesses

Running a tea room in the city centre that needs the best water possible for a good brew? Have a carpet cleaning business that relies on water to get the job done?

Whether you’re operating a small business in Clifton, Heworth or any neighbourhood, Castle Water can help bring costs down and get a better idea of what your water bills should look like.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Whether you’re running a larger operation on the outskirts of the ring road or have a business that needs to use hundreds of litres every day for efficient processing, Castle Water can help.

Bigger businesses in York can make use of our water audits and automatic meter reading to start saving money from the second they switch over, particularly for multi-site businesses.

Based in York? Get in Touch

Castle Water has over 4,500 reviews on Trustpilot and is regarded as one of the top water providers for anyone in the York area.

If you’re interested in learning how much you could be saving on bills, and how Castle Water can help your business become more water-efficient, get in touch directly by calling us on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.