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Castle Water prides itself on helping local business in Durham, and throughout the county, improve how they deal with business water services. Making the switch and joining the highest rated water service company in the UK can see bills go down and your relationship with water improve for all the right reasons.

Durham’s history is steeped in a hardworking, industrial past which harkens back to the days of mining and the railways. That hard work ethic shines through today for the hundreds of the business that call the city home; businesses which could be getting a better deal on their water bills.

With many businesses now focused on the service industry, and a strong sense of industry across the country, any business that uses water should know they can save money on their bills and have access to experts who will improve internal systems.

Castle Water is working with companies around Durham to develop improved business water services.

Helping Businesses in Durham

The city may be close to the likes of Sunderland and Newcastle, but there are still hundreds of companies which pride themselves on being based in Durham. And the team at Castle Water prides itself on being able to help where possible when looking at water services.

Whether you’re running a small office or have a factory to run, Castle Water can help any business develop knowledge of existing water services and where changes can be implemented to reduce costs in the long-term. For example, many local businesses are unaware that they can easily switch water suppliers without any interruption to services.

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England we work with specialist local agents who know the ins and out of water services in Durham and can advise on how to start saving money where it matters most.

Switch Business Water Supplier in Durham

Most companies will think that any tap turned off is the only way to save on water bills. But what if your business water provider could pinpoint a slew of changes hidden in plain sight?

Switching your water supplier to Castle Water could be just what your Durham-based business needs to start using water in a more efficient way, whilst saving on your bills.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Castle Water wants to understand how and why any business needs to use water at its current level. Whether that’s done through a comprehensive water audit or finding a better long-term tariff, our team works directly with you to find key improvements.

There is a broad range of services available for our business customers in Durham, including the following:

Where Durham Businesses get Water From

Every business in the county area will tend to find they get water from the same handful of resources. If you’re one for exploring the likes of Kielder forest park, you’ll know all about the Kielder reservoir up near Hexham. It’s the largest reservoir in the North-West and where most of the water everyone uses is sourced.

Durham relies a lot on this big reservoir as It will pull in water (when needed) from supporting reservoirs before being distributed around the county.

Luckily, because the reservoirs store water and we don’t need to rely on chalk aquifers like you get in the south of the country, Durham has quite soft water.

Water Solutions for Durham Businesses

Running a café or restaurant by the Riverwalk that needs water to keep everything running smoothly? Have a car wash off the M1 that is seeing costs go up while usage remains the same?

Whether your business is based in the city centre, Western Hill or Aykley Heads, Castle Water can help with existing water bills and look at ways to bring costs down.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Durham is fortunate to have the A1 running right through it. Hundreds of larger business sit just off the road and supply goods and services across the length and breadth of the country.

Castle Water helps bigger companies operating at a larger level with their water services. Through the implementation of smart meter reading, water contingency planning and successful auditing, businesses that use hundreds of litres a week can see significant shifts.

Based in Durham? Get in Touch

Castle Water is the highest-rated business water provider according to verified reviews from happy customers on Trustpilot. In fact, we’re so popular we have more reviews than all the other major providers in total.

If you have a business in Durham city centre or the county area and want to see water bills under control, please get in touch with the team today. Call us on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.