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Castle Water is working with businesses in and around Horsham to understanding what business water services companies are entitled to, and how to bring water bills down. All it takes is a quick switch without any interruption to service.

Horsham may have a rich history as a market town, but now the area has many companies in the service and administrative industries. There are dozens of businesses which may not realise that they have the right to switch from their current water provider if they are not happy with their billings and services,

Castle Water is helping businesses around Horsham and West Sussex to understand that improved business water services don’t mean having to see a surge in your bills.

Helping Businesses in Horsham

Businesses around Horsham all need to use water differently. Castle Water can help any business, no matter its size or industry, get to know more about what role their existing water set-up can play in how they get billed, and where those little changes which deliver maximum impact lie.

Switching water supplier is a straightforward process, and something our team can look after. No matter what your current supplier says, a switch should not result in an in interruption to services. Working with local agents, our team can help you get a better understanding of what water should mean for any company.

Change Water Supplier in Horsham

Energy bills are easy to keep down, so why aren’t water bills? It may seem difficult, but there are several ways a business can lower bills without it have any impact at all on day-to-day operations.

For most businesses in Horsham who contact Castle Water for help, a water audit is the first order of business. The audit is a comprehensive examination of current usage, the network your business uses, and where immediate improvements lie.

Businesses in Horsham can see their water bills reduced with a change of water supplier. Switch to Castle Water now if you are looking for a water supplier that will help you use your water more efficiently.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Our team can also help you work with some specialists on often undervalued areas. These can include:

  • Controlled water management
  • Leak detection
  • New connections
  • Consolidated smart meter readings
  • Cost-effective trade effluence
  • Improved billing
  • Emergency water services
  • Wastewater management

Find out more about the services provided for businesses based in England.

Where Horsham gets Water From

Even though Horsham is only 16 miles from the coast, water in the area is not sourced and treated from the sea. Like much of West Sussex, Horsham relies on groundwater as its primary source.

In this area, specifically, the majority of water makes the short journey from Worthing to our taps.

Groundwater relies on pulling up water from underground reserves after the water has filtered down through rock. This water will pull in a certain level of minerals, which we would see in the form of limescale on our taps and kettles.

For this reason, Horsham has very hard water.

Water Solutions for Horsham Businesses

Whether you’re running a small café in the middle of town or have a salon off East Street which needs to use water throughout the day, Castle Water can help.

Any small business owner should know what deals they can get, and by using our online tool, you can get an instant quote on what water bills could look like.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

For large companies in the area, elements like trade effluence and wastewater management can be some of the big-ticket items on bills you wish could be improved upon.

This is something Castle Water may be able to help with. Services customers can get advice on include:

  • Chemical Treatment
  • Environmental auditing
  • Filtration
  • O.G. control
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Odour control
  • Sampling

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If you’re based in Horsham, or the wider West Sussex area, and want to speak to someone about business water services, please give the team a call on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.