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Castle Water is proud to help customers in Hull, and the wider East Yorkshire area with their business water services.  It is our aim to highlight where companies in this part of the country could be saving money in the long-term by switching water provider and getting access to services which improve internal systems.

As a port city, Hull has long had a varied relationship with water and how businesses here use it, maintaining is status as one of the UK’s most industrious cities. With so many businesses uniquely using water, knowing how to manage water usage and ensure processes keep wastewater to a minimum is essential. This accounts for every business in town, whether it’s a café in the city centre or a processing facility in the chemical and health care niches.

Castle Water is here to help companies down by the Humber and those based off the M62 gain the knowledge of improving their water bills, keeping costs down and making sure bills don’t spiral out of control.

Helping Businesses in Hull

From the fountain outside Prince’s Quay to the aquarium down by the water’s edge, Hull is a city where water is ever-present. Local businesses should be able to make the most of their water services and ensure that bills reflect correct usage. Castle Water has been working with businesses in the area to find better tariffs, especially when we look at some of the different industries which call the area home.

Anyone running a company in Hull might like knowing how much can be saved by switching water supplier. You’ll be able to get an instant quote and a rough idea of what bills could look like by becoming a Castle Water business customer.

Switch Water Retailer in Hull

When businesses talk to Castle Water, they’re often surprised to learn that there’s more to water bills than just how much water is used. It is essential that customers know and make use of complimentary business water services.

Business owners in Hull can now benefit from the wide range of partner services Castle Water offer when they switch to us. Click here to switch water retailer in Hull.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Castle Water helps match businesses with local agents who can advise on services such as:

You can find out more about the range of services our customers have access to.

Where Hull Businesses get Water From

How people get water in Hull has also been an exciting tale. Centuries ago, while many towns and cities used the river for direct access to water, the people of Hull couldn’t use the river as it was technically the property of the parishes. It was left to shipments of water from Lincolnshire coming to town in barrels for everyone to get water.

While we’re lucky not to need water is such an exaggerated manner nowadays, most of Yorkshire (including Hull) has a water network, known as The Grid, which helps move water around the county to meet demand.

The majority of water comes from reservoirs, with some water sourced from rivers before it is treated in local water treatment works and enters the local network.  Water in the area would be considered as hard water.

Water Solutions for Hull Businesses

Running an independent business in the middle of town and feel water bills are too high? Or is your business involved heavily in processing and you know it’s time to shop around for a new provider?

 Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England that works with local businesses of all sizes, whether you’re down by the marina, up in Dunswell or operating in Paull.

Get an instant quote and see if it’s time to make the switch to Castle Water.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

With many businesses on the larger end of operations working with chemicals and cleaning, there are ways to manage wastewater and trade effluent better. Castle Water has local agents in the area who know how best to help bigger businesses with how they get rid of wastewater.

Please visit our page on water management for industrial and large businesses for more information.

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No matter where in Hull or south-east Yorkshire your business is based, get in touch with Castle Water today to see if our team can help place your water bills on a better tariff.

You can get in touch directly during office hours by clicking the chat icon in the bottom corner of the page, or by calling us on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.