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Castle Water is working with businesses in Harrow and the greater north-west area of London who want to get a better deal on the water bills. Castle Water knows how companies can see bills reduced or improved with better business water services, especially when companies are independent or may lack the capacity to undertake improvements themselves.

Harrow has quite a mixed business composition, covering everything from processing and finance to administrative and industrial. That means there are a lot of businesses working with water in varying capacities.

Many businesses in the area don’t like having to deal with water bills, and who can blame them? What many companies don’t know though is that changing providers can be effortless. When Castle Water works with businesses in the area, they’re often surprised to learn that they can switch.

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England that is helping businesses around Harrow gain access to improved business water services.

Helping Businesses in Harrow

From the small businesses in the town centre to larger companies closer to the M1, every company in Harrow needs water in some capacity to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Castle Water works with businesses of all sizes so they can get a better knowledge of their water systems, where improvements can be made, and how to act responsibly so bills can be reined in. It still starts by knowing that any business has the right to switch water supplier if they feel they could be getting a better deal. Switches have to be carried out without any interruption to service, so if your current provider tells you otherwise, they are not acting in your best interests.

Castle Water doesn’t claim to be the bastion of knowledge for water efficiency in Harrow. Still, we do have local agents who know the area and continually work with businesses in Harrow to save money from the get-go.

Switch Water Retailer in Harrow

For many business owners, any chance to bring a bill down has to be seized upon. Acting in a water-conscious manner will vary depending on the industry you’re in, but bar keeping taps off when not in use and making sure everyone knows what can and can’t go down the drain, what can Castle Water provide which other water companies can’t?

Well, Castle Water will get to know your business and study it to see what the current processes are like. Many of our customers request a water audit as it helps identify areas for improvement or de-escalation.

If you are a business owner based in Harrow, you will be pleased to know that you can now switch your water retailer to Castle Water with no-hassle at all. Get a quote and learn how we make this process quick and simple for you.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Some of the primary business water services Castle Water provides companies in Harrow include:

If any of these services are vital to operations, and you want to see improvements, call us now on 01250 718700.

Where Harrow Businesses get Water From

Every time someone runs a tap in Harrow, do you know where that water came from?

Like most water in the Greater London area, the borough relies heavily on water from groundwater sources and reservoirs. Only a small percentage of water is sourced from the Thames.

There are some treatment plants dotted around the area, with the treatment works up in Bushley being the main plant for the area.

Harrow has what would be categorised as very hard water, at the higher end of hardness in the country.

Water Solutions for Harrow’s Small Businesses

Have a small shop or café just off Kymberley Road and wish your water bills were lower? Or are you based off Station Road and feel your bills don’t reflect how much water you use?

Small businesses shouldn’t have to keep tracks of water bills with all the other work that goes into operating an independent business. The team at Castle Water prides itself on being able to help small business owners improve their billing and seeing if there are better tariffs based on location and business type.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

With the M1 not too far away, there are some larger businesses on the outskirts of town that work on a national scale. Bigger companies in Harrow should be taking any and all measures necessary to cut costs on bills, and Castle Water can help.

Whether it is through the use of water audits, consolidated billing, or improving trade effluent, Castle Water can help bigger businesses see immediate savings after making the switch.

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Castle Water is the highest rated water service provider in the UK, according to verified reviews from Trustpilot users.

Whether you’re running a business in Harrow or have locations across the country which you feel could do with a better deal on water bills, get in touch with us today.

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