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Working with businesses in Oldham and the Greater Manchester area, Castle Water is helping customers understand how to make the most of their business water services. Through streamlined billing, improved awareness, and access to help from local water network experts, business customers in Oldham are seeing bills go down.

Helping Businesses in Oldham

Oldham is a city of hard-working people, with an industrial and manufacturing history which goes back generations. While the local economy has changed over time, water is something every single business in the area is still dependent on.

Castle Water helps businesses in and around Oldham with their billings and water services as a whole. Many companies don’t know that you can switch water supplier in the same manner a company can switch electric or telecoms provider. Making the switch to a new water supplier is easy when you do with it Castle Water. See if your business can save up to 20% on bills.

Switch Water Supplier in Oldham

Any way a business can save money is worth looking into. Any way a business can save money AND improve internal water systems is even better. When customers in Oldham switch to Castle Water, they aren’t merely swapping one supplier for another; they’re also opening their opportunity to gain access to a comprehensive range of water services. Not only that but switching to another water supplier is an easier process than many think


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

These water services include:

With these services, Castle Water will partner a business with a local water agent, who has the expertise of the local area. They provide insights which can reap long-term benefits and savings.

Where Oldham Businesses get Water From

Oldham is incredibly lucky to sit quite close to two of the region’s most significant water supplies. Just west of Greenfields you’ll find Chew Reservoir, Dovestone Reservoir and Yeoman Hey Reservoir at the edge of the Peak District. This is where Oldham gets the overwhelming majority of its water.

An added benefit of water coming from reservoirs like these is that they don’t have to filter through the ground. By the time water passes through the treatment works to you, you have some of the softest water in the country.

Water Solutions for Oldham Businesses

Whether you’re running a salon or café near Coldhurst, or have a shop just off Yorkshire St, you’ll have a unique relationship with water; something Caste Water can help understand and take control of.

For anyone running their own small business, see if you can start saving by getting an instant quote and talking with the Castle Water customer service team.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

For those businesses working out of larger builders, multiple locations and industrial facilities, any way to dramatically reduce water and wastewater needs to be seized upon. Castle Water places water efficiency services at the forefront, so bigger companies based in Oldham see start saving immediately.

Have a business in Oldham? Get in Touch

Castle Water is here to talk with you about switching water provider and making use of improved business water services in the Oldham area.

If you’re based in the area, please call us today on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.