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Leicester may be one of the oldest cities in England, but that doesn’t mean your business should have antiquated water bills. Castle Water is heling companies across Leicester to make the switch and start saving immediately.

Being as central as you can get in England, businesses in Leicester and the greater East Midlands region shouldn’t expect to have high water bills. A lot of companies don’t know that they can switch from their current water provider and join Castle Water without any interruptions to service.

Helping Businesses in Leicester

With over 30,000 VAT registered businesses across Leicestershire, there are a lot of companies that rely on water every day, and within that big number there any many who don’t realise there are savings to be made by improving their water services.

A business needs to make sure they’re not wasting water, and it’s more than merely double-checking that the taps are turned off correctly. That’s where our team can help.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business in the city centre or a large factory off the M1, Castle Water can help your business make the right changes to bring costs down.

Changing Water Supplier in Leicester

Are you getting water bills that seem to be too high for your liking? Then there’s a good chance they are. At Castle Water, we strive to help companies in Leicester understand what is going on with their water meters and overall usage. When you change water retailer to Castle Water you can be sure that the transition will be smooth and services won’t be interrupted, as our team takes care of everything for you.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Services we provide for local businesses include:

Where Leicester gets its Water From

A lot of the water that you use doesn’t travel too far to get here. Even though the midlands isn’t known for great rivers or natural reservoirs, there are a lot of groundwater reserves in the area, the majority of which are sandstone aquifers.

These reserves are deep in the ground, usually over a hundred metres below, and that water gets pulled up and pumped around the region. The benefit of getting water this way is that it often requires very little treatment work to be usable.

Water Solutions for Small Businesses in Leicester

Whether you run a takeaway in Westcotes or have a retail unit off St. Margaret’s Way,Castle Water supports businesses across the country and provides business water solutions that help small businesses get to grips with water and bring costs down.

Our experience makes sure water management for SMEs is practical and flexible.

Water Services for Large Businesses in Leicester

With so many businesses operating large facilities just off the M1, there are many companies which go through hundreds of litres a day without even noticing.

Castle Water works with large businesses and companies which use more than 6,000m³ of water in a single year and may need specialist water services to help improve billings. Find out more about how we help large businesses.

Businesses Moving Address in the Area

Castle Water also ensures that when a business is moving address, they aren’t surprised by bills new or previous tenants should be taking care of.

Get in Touch Today

Switching provider is incredibly easy, even for multi-site operations. Your business can make the change today by calling us on 01250 718 700 and talking to one of the team. As one of the highest-rated water companies in the UK, we’ll ensure your business gets to make the most of their water and sees where hidden savings can be uncovered.