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Your water bills should never be something you have to worry about, or even question. Businesses in the Southampton area can save on their water bills when they switch to Castle Water.

We’re helping companies in the area to get a better understanding of what makes up their bills and find a way to reduce costs in the long run.

Serving Businesses Across Inner Southampton

Whether you’re running a small independent café in Netley, have a restaurant in Ocean Village or run a bookshop in Portswood, you’ll have water bills to pay.

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England and can help you see where savings can be made for any business in the UK and around Southampton city centre, and you should know that switching provider isn’t difficult. You simply get in touch and have a chat with the team. If you want to switch, even with multiple properties, we’ll take care of everything without any interruption to services.

Serving Businesses Across Greater Southampton

The area has an extensive industrial history, and that continues to this day with plenty of factories dotted around Hampshire that use a lot of water every day.

We often find that many large businesses don’t have the time and resource to check systems themselves. That’s why we provide Water Audits as standard for larger business clients. A short audit is the first step in helping you save up to 20% on water bills.

Add on to that the chance to have smart meters installed (no more estimated bills) and consolidated billing when you run several businesses in the area, and you’ll see good savings with your water bills.

Switching Business Water Retailer in Southampton

Do you know how much wastewater your business is using and whether your trade effluence is up to standard? Or do you have similarly sized businesses in the area that have a disparity in their water bills you can’t figure out? If you’re not completely satisfied with the services offered by your current provider, your business can choose to change water supplier. Castle Water can help you make the switch effortlessly by taking care of everything for you, without any interruption to services.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

We have a range of business water services to help you take control, get smart and save. Some of these services include:

Where Southampton Gets its Water From

Did you know that Southampton was one of the first towns (when it was still a town) to have a municipal water supply? Since the 1400s the system has developed time and time again, and there are different ways we get water here.

The majority of water in the region comes from the chalk aquifer that runs through Southampton. Anyone living eastwards of town would expect their water to be a mixture of river and groundwater. If you’re westwards, it’s likely the majority of your water is groundwater.

We have knowledge of the local area that helps businesses develop a greater understanding of where their water comes from and how to use it effectively, especially if your company uses wastewater.

We help see if businesses can reduce wastewater and employ new trade effluent services that will lower costs.

A Water Company Southampton Trusts

We believe that business customers shouldn’t feel hoodwinked by water bills, especially when there are savings to be made.

As one of the top-rated water companies in the UK, according to verified Trustpilot users, we can help any business make the switch over and get a better deal on their bills.

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Based in Southampton and want to see if you can save money on your water bills? Or perhaps your energy bills?

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