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Castle Water provides comprehensive water services for businesses in Telford and the wider Shropshire area, enabling local companies to lower water bills and make use of additional services to improve efficiencies. By matching local business owners with Castle Water’s specialist partners, businesses can see long-term savings.

As one of the fastest-growing towns in the UK, demand for water in Telford is on the rise. While we’re lucky that the local water network doesn’t find itself under strain to operate, many businesses in the West Midlands see water bills continually rising.

Castle Water prides itself on being able to get local companies in a position where they understand their water usage, as well as what changes can be made to internal systems to see the likes of trade effluence and wastewater management improve.

Helping Businesses in Telford

Although the town is self-described as “The Birthplace of Industry”, with Telford being a new town, many businesses are lucky to benefit from what would be classified as a younger water network.

Castle Water helps local businesses throughout Telford and Wrekin see where internal operations could be improved, if tariffs can be lowered, and if a business could be using water more effectively. Whether this is done by switching water supplier or establishing a new connection, Castle Water’s specialist partners can help any local business with their water services.

Water Supplier Switch in Telford

Castle Water is one of the most trusted business water retailers in the UK, with more 5-star reviews than all other water retailers combined. A water supplier switch to Castle Water could help your business with reduced bills and more efficient use of your water services.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

When businesses get in touch, they can benefit from a comprehensive range of services, including:

Castle Water’s focus is very much on improving customer knowledge and utilising simple measures to bring costs down.

Where Telford Businesses get Water From

Whether your business is located in the town centre, Oldpark or up near Ketley, businesses in the area rely on water from a shared network. Water comes from a variety of sources and can be sourced from as far as the Cotswolds and Derbyshire.

The vast majority of water in the region is groundwater. This is water which comes from rainfall and rivers before filtering down through rocks. It collects in deep pools and is drawn out for filtering and cleaning at local water treatment plants.

As groundwater filters through rocks, it will naturally pick up minerals which will stay in the water even after cleaning. Telford is slightly luckier than most towns in the Midlands, as water has a medium level of hardness. Most water samples have around 200 parts per million (PPM) with some minerals like calcium and magnesium in the supply.

Water Solutions for Telford Businesses

Local businesses should be able to benefit from comprehensive business water services that mean more just a bill. Whether you run a salon or café in the town centre or have a larger facility just off the M54 that uses water in a more industrial sense, Castle Water can help.

Working with Castle Water’s specialist partners, you can gain access to better billing options and enhanced services. Get a rough idea what an instant quote on water bills could mean for your business.

Better Water Services for Large Businesses in Telford

Many businesses along the M54 (and towards the M6) are using hundreds of litres of water every week, be it for cleaning or processing. When you’re running a business and feel the likes of your wastewater or trade effluence costs don’t accurately reflect use, get in touch.

 Castle Water supports multi-site businesses across the country  who may not currently benefit from consolidated billing.

Have a business in Telford? Get in Touch

Are you a business owner in Telford who wants to see if water bills can come down? Need advice on the switching process? Get in touch with the team at Castle Water to speak with the customer service team.

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