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Helping businesses in Berkshire with their water bills, Castle Water offers business water services and for small and large companies in the area looking to bring costs down and improve water efficiency.

Water is vital in keeping any business running. Whether you’re in a small office where water’s primary use is simply for making sure there’s a fresh brew of tea on the go, or you have a processing facility that requires hundreds of litres of wastewater a week, every business in Berkshire can benefit by knowing they could see bills lowered.

Helping Businesses in Berkshire

Do you work in one of the hundreds of businesses in the area that use water every day; businesses which have never kept a close eye on water usage or don’t even know if you’re on an estimated tariff with your current provider?

Every business should know their exact water usage, what that means in terms of billing, and what services could be employed to lower water usage and ensure any trade effluent is removed at the right price.

Castle Water is helping Berkshire businesses make the switch and get to grips with their water.

Switching Water Supplier in Berkshire

Many businesses don’t know how easy it is to switch water providers. It’s nothing like an essential service like electric or broadband where a switch could see you cut off for hours that cost money.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Castle Water makes switching business water provider seamless, along with a host of business services for our customers, some of which include:

Where Berkshire gets its Water From

The majority of water in Berkshire makes its way to your business (and our taps at home) from the Thames Valley system. The valley covers a wide area of the country in general, but Berkshire pulls a good chunk of water from aquifers.

These large underground reservoirs collect water that has filtered down through the rocks and soil. That’s why Berkshire is known as a hard water area.

Water Solutions for Small Businesses in Berkshire

Have a little café in Lambourn or run an independent shop in Ascot? Or maybe you run multiple locations? There are hundreds of small local businesses across Berkshire which all use water differently. Knowing how to make your water work for you is important if you want to keep bills down; whether that’s by following the advice from a water efficiency guide or getting dedicated water management for a small business.

Water Services for Large Businesses in Berkshire

The M4 is never too far away from anyone in the county, and for those running large businesses, it provides a vital transport route.

If you’re operating in a factory or warehouse near the motorway and know that your company needs to use a lot of water in daily operations, you’ll want to find out how much you can save in the long run with better billing options available.

Moving business in Berkshire?

Whether you’re upgrading to a new office or making the move from Newbury to Reading (or anywhere around Berkshire), you don’t want to end up paying for two water bills.

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England and can help companies move premises without any interruptions to service as well as get new connections set up and ready to go.

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