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Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England. We provide business water services for customers in Edmonton, Enfield and the greater North London area. We aim to help business customers, regardless of industry, get a better rate on their water bills, making it easier to control internal systems, and look for improved services that will lower water usage in the long-term.

Nearly 100,000 locals in Edmonton rely on water every day. Whether you’re running a local independent retail unit along The Green or have a business which relies on direct access to the M25, understanding the role water plays in your business can help you see how to tailor bills.

Helping Businesses in Edmonton

Castle Water’s specialist partners in the area help those using water on a commercial level, be that through rigorous auditing or securing a better tariff than what you’re currently paying.

By helping local businesses get to grips with their water systems and bills, Castle Water can help your business make those seemingly minute changes turn into savings on your bills.

Change Water Supplier in Edmonton

Castle Water prides itself on being able to help customers in every industry improve their relationship with water, especially when looking at the range of services available.

As a business owner in Edmonton, you need to know that a change of water supplier is a lot easier than you may think and it can help you access a wider range of services whilst lowering your expenses. Get a quote from Castle Water and start your water supplier switch today.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Services customers can expect to benefit from include:

These services can help a business improve existing systems, create ways to save on water loss and see staff become knowledgeable with the impact water misuse has on bills.

Where Edmonton Businesses get Water From

You don’t have to look too far in Edmonton to see where water comes from. The borough of Enfield has two of London’s biggest reservoirs on its doorstep; William Girling Reservoir and King George V Reservoir.

Water comes to these reservoirs from the New River and River Lee diversion, where it sits before being pumped into a treatment station and sent through the local network to our taps.

As with most of the water in London, Edmonton has what would be considered very hard water, with a higher level of calcium carbonate thanks to the way water from the rivers gets to the reservoirs.

Water Solutions for Edmonton Businesses

Running a local café or restaurant in the town centre which needs water to keep everything running smoothly? Or do you have a business near Claverings Industrial Estate that would go through at least a  few hundred litres every month?

Castle Water supports businesses across the country of all sizes in Edmonton and around Enfield with practical water solutions focussed on bringing bills down.

If you’re based in the area, get an instant quote on water bills and see if Castle Water can provide a better tariff than you’re currently paying.

Better Water Services for Large Businesses in Edmonton and Enfield

With the A10 and M25 making it easy for a business to get anywhere in Greater London in a hurry, a lot of large businesses like to call Edmonton/ Enfield home.

Castle Water supports businesses across the country we help larger local companies save money with water efficiency services, especially any business set-up to run across multiple sites who may not know that can apply for consolidated billing.

Have a business in Edmonton? Get in Touch

If you own or operate a business in Edmonton and would like to know about lowering water bills, get in touch with Castle Water today.

Please call us on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.