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We all know Newcastle has a rich and celebrated industrial history, but with much of the city centre now serviced based, it makes for a varied and interesting water network.

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England. customers in Newcastle make the switch, allowing them to change providers without any interruption to service. This helps specialist partners and local agents find the ways your internal systems could be better optimised to lower costs.

Water Supplier Switch in Newcastle

Customers come first at Castle Water. This approach has led to us being the highest-rated UK water retailer from verified customers on Trustpilot. For our customers, being with Castle Water means more than just paying the bills.

If you run a business in Newcastle, you can now benefit from our water management services and see your business water bills reduced by up to 20%. Get a quote from Castle Water and start your water supplier switch today.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Any business in Newcastle can get additional help from services including:

A mixture of these services can not only see bills go down in the long-term but can also help your staff become knowledgeable and responsible with water usage.

Where Newcastle Businesses Get Water From

The Tyne may flow through the city, but that isn’t where the majority of water comes from. Newcastle sits within the Kielder zone, with Kielder Water being the biggest reservoir in the region. Water to Newcastle is either sourced from here or gets transferred between one of the three zones (Northern, Central, Southern) which share a network.

If you were to venture near to the coast, and where to look at areas closer to South Shields and Sunderland, there’s a slight chance water comes from groundwater sources.

Newcastle is also quite lucky to have soft water, with many surrounding areas having medium water.

Water Solutions for Newcastle Businesses

Whether you’re running a small business near Grainger Market, have an office down by the quayside, or have a business in Denton that uses water every day, Castle Water can help with bills.

Castle Water supports businesses across the country and works with businesses of all types to get bills under control. If you’d like an instant quote on water bills, click here, and you may find there’s a better tariff to switch to.

Better Water Services for Large Businesses in Tyne and Wear

There are many bigger businesses located off the A1 which use water in what would be categorised as “industrial” level. When a business is going through hundreds of litres every month, be it for cleaning or processing, it needs to be sure that wastewater and trade effluence costs on bills are accurate.

Castle Water can help businesses, especially those operating multi-site businesses, get a better understanding of current usage and how to implement changes which bring costs down.

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Operating a business in Newcastle and feel your water bills could be lower, or that there’s a better tariff waiting for you? Own various properties and want to enquire about consolidating your bill?

Get in touch with the team at Castle Water to help see how you can make use of better business water services and energy services.

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