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Local businesses in Lincoln could find themselves paying less on their water bills and gaining access to a network of related business water services when they make the switch to Castle Water. Our team of customer agents is waiting to talk with you about how your business currently uses water, and how Castle Water may see your business become water-smart.

Lincoln is a city which has moved with the times. While it may have a historic industrial heart, many businesses in the area now cover a diverse range of industries. That doesn’t mean companies around town, and throughout Lincolnshire need to be stuck with ancient tariffs and water services.

Castle Water is helping local companies who want improved business water services and tariffs which practically match current waste usage, whether you’re operating right in the middle of town, or have a larger facility closer to the M1.

Helping Businesses in Lincoln

Much like those businesses which have breathed new life into old industrial buildings and facilities across town, Castle Water is providing a modern approach to water billing and the services employed. With the area home to a wide range of industries and an increased shift in commerce and tourism in recent years, many businesses are adapting their water usage. That means they’ll use water differently and may find bills don’t accurately reflect use.

Castle Water works with local agents who are experts in helping businesses understand what their water bills should look like. It starts by seeing if switching business water supplier is the right move for your business. Find out more about the services our tea can provide, and if you could get a better deal by becoming a Castle Water customer.

Switch Water Supplier in Lincoln

Whether you’re located down by Newland, operating up near the university, or near Burton Waters, your business should be ready to deal with any potential water issues.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

At Castle Water, we recommend that customers in and around Lincoln make use of some of the additional services which can be provided when switching over to us. This includes the likes of:

If your business is considered about water efficiency and how it could be affecting bills, get information on how Castle Water can help.

Where Lincoln Businesses get Water From

Lincoln is lucky enough to get water from varying sources, namely groundwater and reservoirs. Bracebridge Heath just south of town is home a giant reservoir the area has been using since 1912.

Due to the nature of water procurement, and with the region having quite chalky rock, Lincoln would be classified as having hard water, like much of the Midlands.

Water Solutions for Lincoln Businesses

Running a salon in town and need reliable water services all day long? Or is your restaurant starting to see water bills on the up even though you know usage is going down? No matter that background your business is in, it helps to see if switching provider can save money on your water bill. Castle Water can help you see if positive changes are possible. Get an instant quote and a general idea of how much your bills could be.

For anyone running a small/independent business in Lincoln, please get info for specific advice on services Castle Water can provide.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Bigger businesses on the outskirts and town and near the main road connecting to the M1 can see themselves going through hundreds of litres of water a week. When wastewater and trade effluent is spiraling out of control, it helps to have a local agent come in and see where immediate improvements can be made.

Castle Water supports businesses across the country and provides advice and help specifically larger businesses in Lincoln with regards to improved water services, which you can read more about.

Have a business in Lincoln? Get in Touch

Businesses in Lincoln can improve bills and internal water usage by getting in touch with Castle Water today. If you’re based in Lincoln, please call us today on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.

You can also chat with the customer service team during office hours right here on-site by clicking the chat icon in the bottom corner of this page.