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Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England. Businesses in London can have a hard time keeping their water bills down. Castle Water helps any business in the Greater London area to improve its current water services, as well as employ standards that help lower costs.

Serving Businesses across Inner London

We proudly serve all twelve of the inner boroughs in London. So whether you’re running a salon in Lambeth or have a café in Southwark that you think could have better water rates, we can help.

For any business who thinks it would be too hard to switch provider, don’t worry. Get in touch to find out more about switching to Castle Water. We can take care of the process and ensure you don’t have any problems leaving your present provider to get a better deal.

Serving Businesses across Greater London

Your business doesn’t have to be solely in the city to have improved business water services. We work with businesses across any of the thirty-two boroughs that call London home.

Industrial businesses in the likes of Harrow, Enfield and Ealing can get the same level of attention and water management as those in the hospitality industry in Central London.

If your business falls within any of the industries above or uses a lot of wastewater from day to day, we do recommend checking out our wastewater management services as there can be hidden benefits your business could currently be missing out on.

Switching Business Water Supplier in London

When was the last time you had a water efficiency audit carried out on your business? Many businesses assume that water bills are something that can’t easily be controlled or improved.

Businesses are now able to choose their water company just like they would for other utilities. By switching water supplier to Castle Water, London businesses can benefit from a comprehensive range of services, including:


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Where Your Business Water Comes From

The majority of water businesses in London use comes straight from the River Thames. It takes a lot of work to get water through the cycle, cleaned and ready for use in any aspect in business.

Our knowledge of the local water network helps us see where businesses are missing out on subtle changes that can see them take on some of the lowest water rates for their industry. Through a comprehensive water audit, leak detection and automatic meter reader, we help businesses slash the average cost of their water bills.

On top of this, when it comes to how businesses dispose of wastewater, we help ensure all legal requirements are met and trade effluent is held to as high a standard as possible.

Remember that’s where there is a way to improve how your business handles water, Castle Water will find it.

A Water Company London Trusts

Castle Water is one of the top-rated water companies in London, with over 2,900 five star reviews from certified customers on Trustpilot.

We are committed to providing excellent services at the best prices possible and aim to make water & wastewater management hassle-free for you and your business.

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Castle Water supports businesses across the country. with single and multiple locations. No matter who you are, you can speak to someone right now and find out how any London business can see if lowering water bills is possible by switching business water supplier to Castle Water. It is much easier to change your water supplier than you may think. We can also help you assess if you can save even more by switching energy suppliers too.