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Castle Water is helping local and independent businesses in Middlesbrough, and throughout North Yorkshire, get a better understanding of business water services. More than just helping lower bills, Castle Water customers can benefit from improved services and greater knowledge of how small changes can affect water bills.

As a post-industrial town, Middlesbrough, and to a more considerable extent the wider Tees Valley area, has seen a dynamic shift in recent history when it comes to the types of business operating here. With many business proud to call this part of the world home, there is a high demand for water in a range of industries.

Whether you’re running a business in Teesport, run a small shop in the town centre, or have a facility close to the M1 which relies on a large amount of water every day for operations, you need to make sure your water bills aren’t seen as an inconvenience.

Castle Water is here to provide advice for companies across the county area and highlight ways to make use of specialist business water services.

Helping Businesses in Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough has become something of a tech-savvy area, with many companies in the digital sphere and advanced manufacturing operating in the region. You only have to look at the growth of the university to see how people are investing in the area. And with many new businesses now calling Middlesbrough home, it is more important than ever to get a grasp on the role water plays.

Castle Water helps businesses see if their existing bills and tariffs aren’t servicing your business as they should and if it could be time to switch business water supplier. Our customer team can provide advice on what to do, and why switching shouldn’t see any interruption in daily operations.

Switching Water Supplier in Middlesbrough

Every business owner needs free time and less hassle. If water bills aren’t looked after correctly, someone should expect both. As a highly-rated business water supplier, Castle Water can show you more than just a bill.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

There are additional services we implore customers in Middlesbrough to consider. These include:

Many of these services are carried out in conjunction with local water agents; specialists who know the local water network well and can see where businesses may be wasting money on their bills.

Where Middlesbrough Businesses Get Water From

From the Tyne to the Tees. It’s possibly the easiest way of describing how Middlesbrough gets its water, but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we’re drinking water right from the river.

Middlesbrough, like much of the Tees Valley, gets water from the Kielder Reservoir up in the Pennines. This water travels through pipelines which run from outside Newcastle down to us. Along the way, water may also be sourced from groundwater pools, but this only makes up a small percentage of water used.

At the same time of day, someone running a tap in Darlington or Durham may be using the same water as a person here in Middlesbrough. Due to how water is sourced, you’ll also find that water in the area is surprisingly soft, with it becoming harder once you get beyond the North York Moors towards York and Hull.

Water Solutions for Middlesbrough Businesses

Looking after water bills doesn’t need to be as frustrating as navigating the A66 when there are roadworks. If you’re running your own business in Middlesbrough or the Tees Valley area and feel your water bills could be better, get in touch with Castle Water.

Our work has helped businesses in all industries see bills go down. Get an instant quote and see for yourself if it’s time to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

 With Darlington and the motorway only a few miles away, many larger companies working in an industrial capacity are working in the area. When they’re using a significant amount of water every day, any chance to bring bills down is essential.

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England and can help larger businesses, especially those using more than 6,000m³ of water in a single year, with their bills. Find out more about our services with large businesses and multi-site operations.

With water efficiency services at the forefront, larger businesses across Middlesbrough can save money when they switch to Castle Water.

Have a business in Middlesbrough? Get in Touch

Castle Water supports businesses across the country every local company should have a clear knowledge of what every single penny on their water bill equates to. Castle Water is proud to offer tailor-made business water services and is waiting to hear from you. On top of all that, the process of switching is as easy as can be.

If you’re based in Middlesbrough, please call us today on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.