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Is your business based in the Cheshire area? Have you noticed a recent trend in water bills getting a little too high, or do you feel your business could be dealing with water more efficiently?

Castle Water is helping local businesses lower water bills and get smart with water usage.

While Cheshire is seen as a mainly rural county, the need for premium water services is just the same for a business in Crewe or Nantwich as it is in Liverpool or Manchester. That doesn’t mean companies should be paying a premium, though.

Helping Businesses in Cheshire

Many companies in the area don’t know that they can easily switch business water supplier and see bills go down. Castle Water is helping businesses of all sizes across the county to switch from their current water provider, improve meter readings and start saving in the long term.

Any business should have a good idea of how to minimise wastewater, know if their trade effluent rates reflect true cost, and if their current tariffs are fair.

Changing Water Supplier in Cheshire

Castle Water helps companies in Cheshire by showcasing ways in which simple changes can have the biggest impact. When companies switch business water supplier, there’s a little trepidation about whether it means shutting off water for some time and causing work to grind to a halt. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Castle Water provides a seamless transition and takes care of all the work on your behalf.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

When a company makes the switch, business services they can expect to benefit from include:

Where Cheshire gets its Water From

Most of the water in the county is supplied from a network of reservoirs, boreholes and rivers, with no one source covering all of Cheshire. That means someone in Warrington could be running a tap at the same time as someone in Sandbach, and water came from the same source.

As is common on the west of the country, water will tend to be soft, although there are some pockets of Chester where water from reservoirs will be harder than usual.

Water Solutions for Small Businesses in Cheshire

There are hundreds of small businesses around Cheshire which don’t pay much attention to water bills but should. At Castle Water, we want to help small business owners see that water tariffs and usage can be improved upon. Even without getting in touch, we recommend anyone running their own business takes advice from our water efficiency guide.

Water Services for Large Businesses in Cheshire

Large business in the area, especially those working at an industrial level or food processing, know that continuous use of high levels of water is needed daily.

For a business that would typically go through hundreds of litres in a week, and may also have wastewater issues, we recommend getting in touch with the team to see if there are options to lower bills and water usage.

Moving location in Cheshire

Don’t forget that any business moving, whether it’s from Macclesfield to Wilmslow or anywhere across the country, needs to ensure their water bills are all tied up and seen to before making a move.

Many businesses get a nasty surprise after moving to see they’re still responsible for water at a former location with no proof to state otherwise. Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England and can help if you’re planning to relocate, especially if you require new connections moving in.

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We have reviews from over 4,000 business customers on Trustpilot, making Castle Water one of the most reputable business water suppliers in the UK. We  have handled everything from small independent cafés to multi-site business chains.

If you’re running a business in Cheshire and want to talk with someone right now about what your options are, you can use the chat icon in the corner of this page to get through to one of the team.

Alternatively, you can give us a quick call on 01250 718 700 from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays and speak with a representative.