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Businesses in Buckinghamshire can get a better deal on their current water bills when they switch to Castle Water. We provide the means to lower costs, become water smart and improve efficiency.

While Buckinghamshire may border the Greater London area, local businesses shouldn’t expect to be paying as high a price as companies in London for their water. Many businesses don’t know that there are other water companies out there who can give a better deal and that switching can be easy. That’s why we aim to do for local businesses who talk to us.

Helping Businesses in Buckinghamshire

With over 34,000 registered businesses in the county area, there are thousands of litres of water being used every day in some capacity; from boiling kettles to ensuring factories are kept clean.

If you operate a business in the area, it’s essential to know that you do not see taps causing waste, hidden leaks tipping the meter over the edge and that your wastewater is being managed correctly.

Switch Business Water Supplier in Buckinghamshire

While it’s important to keep water usage to a minimum, you don’t want to find yourself in the situation of constantly having to keep tabs on the meter. That’s why one of the services we provide business customers is the introduction of smart meter reading. If you’re looking for a new business water supplier, Castle Water supports businesses across the country and can make the transition effortless for you while providing expert services that will help you save money. Learn how to switch today.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

It’s just one of the ways we help our customers improve their billings, with other services including:

Where Buckinghamshire gets its Water From

Due to the central and compact nature of the county, much of the water comes from underground aquifers. Much of the land in the area is flat and just about on sea level. While not as low as somewhere like East Anglia, there’s still a lack of height which requires water to be pulled from underground after filtering through rivers and rocks.

This is why Buckinghamshire has so much hard water, and also why some businesses will get hit with drought warnings in the summer.

Water Solutions for Small Businesses in Buckinghamshire

If you have a small business in towns like Aylesbury of Amersham, you should know that switching water supplier can see bills come down.

We work with a lot of small businesses who would use less than 6,000m³ of water in a single year to see what areas of their bill could be brought down. If you’d like to know how we help SMEs, find out more here.

Water Services for Large Businesses in Buckinghamshire

Running several businesses in the area or have a factory/warehouse which needs a lot of water every day? Big businesses, especially those who may have wastewater management issues, can see instant improvements when talking to Castle Water.

We have Commercial Relationship Managers who work with larger businesses on a personal level to improve water usage and liaise with technical consultants who can spot those areas of use that can be improved to slash costs. Find out more about how we work with larger companies here.

Talk to Castle Water Today

If your business is based in Buckinghamshire and you’re interested in learning how to switch providers for one or multiple sites, or what services Castle Water can provide your business, please call us on 01250 718 700.

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