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Castle Water is a business water supplier enabling businesses across the south-east, from Oxford to Brighton and everywhere in between, get to grips with better water usage and improved billing.

The south-east region of the country is the most populated in the UK. With counties like Berkshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and West Sussex all-encompassing the region, there is a massive demand for water every day. There are a lot of companies that don’t know they can make the switch and start saving a lot on their bills. This is something Castle Water can help with.

Helping Businesses in South East England

With thousands of companies operating at all levels in the south-east, getting control and a better understanding of water usage is vital. You might have a business in an industrial park with identical units, but that doesn’t mean water is going to be used in the same manner from your neighbours. Your business needs to use water and generate wastewater for its own reasons, and the team at Castle Water understand how to turn waste into efficiency. No matter if you run a multi-site business or a small retail outlet.

Switching Water Retailer in the South East

Castle Water can help any businesses based in South East England get a better grip on water. Bills shouldn’t be going on the up when you feel usage is staying the same, and you should never find yourself stuck with a provider that works off estimates. Business can now choose to change their water supplier so you can ensure your business benefits from expert water services that will help your water bills go down.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

At Castle Water, we help demystify water billing and everything associated with it by providing a range of services for our business customers. If you’re in the Surrey area, some of the water services you’ll want looked at include:

  • Smart meter readings
  • Consolidated billing for businesses with multiple locations
  • Water audits
  • Leak detection and repair
  • New connections
  • Wastewater management

Where South East England gets its Water From

When you turn on a hose or run a tap, do you know exactly where your water comes from?

The majority of the area has groundwater. This is a water source where rainfall and water from rivers filter through the ground into pockets underground which acts as natural reservoirs. Because of the soil and rock composition in this part of the world, we tend to have hard water.

The south-east gets water from a variety of sources, and many water pipes cross county lines to meet demands. For example, Brighton receives a lot of water from Worthing, West Sussex sources water from just outside Chichester and Bognor, and ever some areas of the Isle of Wight source water from the mainland.

Water Solutions for Small Businesses in the South East

Have a creamery in Canterbury that needs water to keep things clean? Is your bar in Brighton seeing bills go up for no reason you can put your finger on? Let Castle Water have a look and see how to save you as much as possible on your water bills.

When businesses get in touch, we start by asking to get a full water audit carried out. This is the first step in helping to understand what ways a small business in the area could be wasting water or misusing in a manner that costs money in the long run.


Water Services for Large Businesses in the Area

With so many large businesses situated on the M2, M3 and M20, there are hundreds of companies that need to use hundreds of litres every day to keep operations moving.

When switching to Castle Water,  a company doesn’t need to stop production or turn the water off all day. Our main priorities when working with larger companies in the south-east are to see how smart meter readings can beat current tariffs, what wastewater currently looks like and how we can help with any connections your business needs to make.


Get in Touch Today

Run a business in the area and want to know how Castle Water can help you switch over to start saving on your bills?

Call us on 01250 718 700.  Speak to one of the team, and we’ll see what options your business has to get better water services. No matter what size of business you have, there’s always a way to have a better relationship with water.