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Castle Water is helping businesses based in Blackburn and throughout Lancashire with their business water services. We are helping locally run businesses have a seamless transition when they change water supplier and allowing for avenues where our customers can save on water bills in the long-term. It all starts with a simple phone call to our team.

Blackburn is a city with an illustrious industrial city. While we may not have as many businesses in the centre of town working in this capacity, there are businesses dotted all over town, especially larger facilities near the M6 and M65, which rely on water for daily operations. Castle Water can help any business in the area, whether you’re running a production facility on the outskirts of town or an office in the city centre, get improved water services.

Helping Businesses in Blackburn

Blackburn has quite a mixed variety of businesses which call the area home. They all require waters in different capacities. No two businesses in the county area will use water in the same way. Understanding how a business should be using water, and what a fair price to pay it should be, is something many business owners don’t take time to consider.

Castle Water works with local businesses to help get an understanding of existing water networks within a business, and where improvements can be made. When businesses make the switch, we are able to help companies partner with local water agents who know the ins & outs of water usage in Blackburn. Their expertise in examining a company’s water system can instantly where hidden water problems lie, and how water usage can be brought down to lower bills.

Switch Business Water Supplier in Blackburn

You may be wondering why a business in Blackburn would want to switch water provider. Wouldn’t it be inconvenient to daily operations? And is it a hassle having to deal with different companies at once.

Switching your business water supplier is easier than you may think. Getting a quote from Castle Water is the first step to start your water supplier switch.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

When you switch to Castle Water, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We manage your transfer and update you every step of the way so you don’t have to deal with any lingering issues your old provider may try to annoy you with.

We hate the idea of water meters going up constantly from misuse and problems your previous provider failed to address. When companies come to Castle Water, we provide additional water services, some of which include:

  • Water system audits
  • New connection help
  • Leak detection
  • Consolidated billing
  • Smart meter reading
  • Management for multi-location businesses
  • Trade effluence help
  • Wastewater management

No matter what industry you’re in, Castle Water can highlight the areas prime for improvement and enable customers greater control on water bills. If you’d like an idea of how much bills could be, get an instant quote.

Where Blackburn Businesses get Water From

We may only be about 20 miles from the west coast, but that isn’t where Blackburn gets water from. United Utilities looks after water for most of the North-West, from as far north as Carlisle down to Stockport. The majority of the water used in this part of the country is sourced from Trough of Bowland, in what is known as upland sources. If demand rises (in the summer months, for example) additional water is sourced from the Lake District.

Most of the water in the local area will reach one of three treatment plants before it gets to your taps. We have Blackburn WwTW and Nab’s Head work just off the A59, and the Darwen WwTW off the M65.  They clean the prepare the water to meet local demand.

If your business is having problems getting a new connection sorted, get in touch to see how we can help.

Water Solutions for Blackburn Businesses

Running an independent business in the centre of town and feel like your water bills are too high for the amount you use? Or do you operate a larger facility in one of the many business parks around town and feel water usage is getting out of control?

No matter where in the area you run your business, Castle Water can improve your water services. Whether you’re located just off Richmond Terrace or down near Townsmoor Retail Park, we can help.

We advise anyone running their own business to try our instant quote tool, and we’ll see what your options are.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

With so many bigger local businesses based near the M6 and M65, companies with direct connections to the rest of the country may find they have a lot of wastewater of trade effluent that quickly spirals out of control. Castle Water helps larger companies with water efficiency services, helping those in an industrial and manufacturing capacity make necessary improvements.


Have a business in Blackburn? Get in Touch

Every business in Blackburn can get a better deal on their water bills when they join Castle Water. We make paying your bills easy to understand and simple to do, with customer services tailored to your business needs and practical advice whenever you need to get in touch.

If you’re based in Blackburn, please call us today on 01250 718 700. Lines are open on weekdays from 8 am.