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Zinc Wastewater Treatment

You might be surprised to learn that you can have zinc in your water. While it’s nothing to get worried about, if you’re running a business which uses or generates higher levels of zinc somewhere in your local network, you’ll want to consider zinc wastewater removal as part of your trade effluent management.

Let’s discuss the role of zinc in wastewater and why businesses should consider adequate solutions for removal.

So How is Zinc Removed from Wastewater?

A lot of filtration and exchange methods are the ideal way to remove zinc. The likes of ion exchange and oxidisation can be used, but it ultimately depends on what water was used for, and if there are other metal/elements in wastewater which need to be removed at the same time.

Remember that when zinc is removed alongside other heavy metals, concentrates may also need to be treated.

Is Zinc Dangerous?

No, but too much of it can be. It’s listed as a Potentially Toxic Element (PTE) alongside other elements like chromium, nickel, copper and mercury; all things you want to reduce and keep out of the local network where possible.


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Why Would a Business Need Zinc Removal?

Zinc is a heavy metal and having heavy metal enter the local water supply is not good. Although zinc occurs naturally in everything from beans to beef, contaminating areas with high levels of zinc isn’t good, especially when looking at local water networks.

Businesses which create zinc wastewater may require specialised wastewater billing solutions, and that’s where Castle Water comes in. No matter the industry, and no matter your specific requirement, we will provide the best rates available for the services that are needed to keep your business compliant with regulation.

Are There any Industries Which Would Need Zinc Removal in Place?

Manufacturing and any business operating in an industrial capacity may find that they end up with zinc in their wastewater due to actions like galvanising and working with metals.

Can Castle Water Help with Wastewater Treatment?

At Castle Water, our team can help businesses which want to see improved wastewater services in place become a reality.

With the likes of wastewater recycling and chemical water treatment, our team is here to answer any questions you have.

Please call Castle Water today on 01250 718 700 or contact us here, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about services available in your area.