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Loss in Water Pressure

For businesses, maintaining a consistent and reliable water supply is essential to ensuring continuing operations. Castle Water offers the guidance required to ensure that contingencies are in place should a loss of pressure ever occur.

We recognise the critical role that water pressure plays in commercial settings and offer tailored solutions to address and resolve such issues. Our strategies minimise the impact of water pressure issues on business operations. 

Our proactive approach includes routine maintenance checks by way of experienced auditors, early detection of potential problems, and timely repairs to prevent disruptions.

Causes of Loss in Water Pressure

Common causes of loss in water pressure include internal plumbing issues such as pipe leaks and malfunctions in pressure regulators. 

External factors such as water main breaks, interruptions in the water supply, or an increase in demand can also play a significant role in causing fluctuations in pressure. 


Whether it’s a small leak or a large loss of supply, we’re on hand to help. We will make sure that any incidents are addressed promptly and without any unnecessary expenses

Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS)

Although loss of supply or loss of water pressure is the responsibility of your Water Network Owner, Castle Water is responsible for administering payments, where they are due, under Ofwat’s Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS) for customers in England. A summary of the standards and conditions is available at

Castle Water will work with your Water Network Owner to administer GSS payments in certain situations if your supply has been interrupted or if your water pressure falls below the minimum pressure standard on two occasions or more, with each occasion lasting more than one hour. This includes identifying customers who are entitled to GSS payments and ensures we have accurate details of the supply losses suffered.

Customers in England seeking GSS payments can contact Castle Water directly to provide information and ensure that you receive the correct payment where due. Please fill in our Loss of Water Supply or Pressure form.

Reporting Low Water Pressure

If you are experiencing low water pressure, reporting it promptly to Castle Water as well as your water network owner will guarantee a quick resolution. Whether the issue is localised or affecting a broader area.

Contact Castle Water through our dedicated reporting channels to report low water pressure, and let us work together to address and resolve the situation swiftly.

Switch To A Trusted Business Water Supplier Today

Save money by switching to Castle Water as your trusted business water supplier today. As a reliable partner, Castle Water is committed to safeguarding your business against potential disruptions, including loss of water pressure. 

We can provide full site audits and efficiency reviews for any size of business. For customers concerned about the continuity of supply, you can find out more about the delivery of standby water here.

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