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How to Replace a Business Water Meter

When it comes to business water meters, removal or replacement is not an option available to businesses themselves. The responsibility for meters lies with the water supplier or wholesaler.

Any concerns or requests should be directed to the Castle Water team. We will make sure that you remain in compliance with regulations and legal requirements. Tampering with water meters when you have an active supply may breach the law and can lead to fines, penalties, and disruptions to your water supply.

This is because Water meters are vital for accurate measurement of water consumption, precise billing, and efficient water management. As such, only authorised personnel can handle meter-related tasks.


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What if something is wrong with my Meter?

If you believe that there is a valid reason for the removal or relocation of your business water meter, it is essential to contact Castle Water to discuss your specific circumstances

Some reasons for the removal or relocation would include:

If you require one of these services as part of a development project, or if you need a new connection, please contact the Wholesaler’s Developer Services department directly.

Request a new business water meter

Installing a water meter can help you reduce water consumption and save money. You can find out if you are eligible for a water meter by contacting us.

If you have a problem locating your meter, please contact us on 01250 718700 or email

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