We're excited to announce that MyAccount is here

MyAccount has everything you need to stay in control of your account, keep your bills up to date and your costs down, all in one place.

Everything you can do in MyAccount:

  • View and download invoices
  • Check your account balance
  • Submit meter readings
  • Find your water meter using our interactive map
  • Let us know if you're moving premises
  • Update your details
  • Access a full range of useful FAQs

Next steps

As soon as your account is registered on MyAccount you'll receive an email containing your login details. You may have already received an email containing your login details, if you haven't, please check your junk inbox. Once you get logged in to MyAccount, you'll have 24/7 access to manage your Castle Water account online.

If you would like to register an alternative email address, please get in touch at customersupport@castlewater.co.uk.

If you do not receive your login details, this means we do not have a valid email address for your account. Because of this, we are unable to register you for MyAccount at this time.

So that we can register you for MyAccount, please get in touch to provide us with an up-to-date email address at customersupport@castlewater.co.uk.

Login to MyAccount

The benefits of MyAccount and FAQs

Meter location
Meter location

24/7 access

You will have 24/7 access to MyAccount, so you can manage your account online anywhere, anytime.

View balance

Account overview

Looking for your account balance or upcoming payments? You can find them on MyAccount.

View balance
View bills
View bills

Track your water usage

MyAccount allows you to view your businesses consumption data which can help you to track water usage.

Scotland MyAccount FAQ's:

MyAccount has everything you need to stay in control of your account, keep your bills up-to-date and your costs down, all in one place. By managing your Castle Water account online, you can skip the queues and avoid call waiting times during our busy periods.

We are expecting to launch MyAccount for customers in Scotland in December.

Once we have registered your account, you will receive your login details via email. You can then login to MyAccount by clicking the button at the top of our homepage, or by visiting myaccount.castlewater.co.uk/login to login.

MyAccount makes it easier to submit regular meter readings. We require meter readings to allow us to bill your account accurately, meaning you won’t be billed on estimated readings.

Yes. If you have multiple accounts with us, they will all be registered with an account.

Our customers have 24/7 access to MyAccount so you can manage your account online, anywhere, anytime.

Yes. You can add additional users to MyAccount by finding the ‘Users’ tab and clicking ‘Add User’.

It’s easy to submit meter readings on MyAccount. Find the ‘Meters’ tab and click ‘Add’ under the ‘Add meter read’ section. You will then be asked to enter your reading, along with the date it was taken.

It’s easy to find your meter location on MyAccount. Find the ‘Meters’ tab, click ‘Data’, then ‘Location’. You will then see our interactive map showing your meter location.

Find the ‘Invoices’ tab. All your Castle Water bills are available to view and download.

You can find your account balance, along with your next payment amount and date, in the ‘Account Overview’ tab within MyAccount.


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