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Avoid costly hidden leaks in summer

Other water retailers fail to take over 20% of the meter readings for which they are responsible, and it’s strongly suspected that they have a much higher failure rate with rural customers.

At Castle Water, we are defying industry norms by being the only retailer to have our own highly trained meter reading team. Our 96% success rate in meter reading tasks surpasses all other major retailers.

Unlike outsourced teams, our field team doesn’t have to focus on reading a certain number of meters a day. This means they can spend time getting essential annual readings from some of the most difficult to access places. No other retailer has made that investment. We encourages our customers to submit monthly meter readings on their online account, to keep bills accurate and cheap, and to help spot irregular consumption – often indicating a leak – early.

Failure to obtain water meter readings increases the chances of a leak going undetected for longer.
In the summer months when consumption is high, the tell-tale signs of a leak can go undetected for a significant period, racking up costs for unsuspecting businesses.

How much does a water leak cost?

Water leaks are usually unexpected, often invisible, and can be very costly. A moderate leak (1 litre per second) on the mains could significantly impact efficiency, adding approximately £55,000 to an annual water bill. With costs for businesses rising across all sectors, it’s essential that businesses can find low cost ways to spot leaks early and improve water efficiency to reduce water usage and costs.

Detecting a leak

A straightforward way to identify leaks is to monitor flow rates overnight when water usage should be minimal, and high nighttime consumption is often a sign of a leak. If you really want to get ahead of leaks, installing a water meter reading device is a great time saving and cost-effective solution.

A low budget solution

Limpet readers are a budget friendly option for businesses looking to avoid costly leaks while minimising the hassle of monthly meter readings. The limpet reader attaches to your analogue water meter to provide accurate readings directly to your mobile device. Simply walk within radius of your meter to be sent your latest reading. Limpet readers are quick and easy to install and can be up and running in 15 minutes.

Suspect you have a leak?

If you suspect your have a water leak, we can help. Read our leak assistance guide here, and get in touch for leak detection and repair here.

Free water efficiency resources

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