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What Is My Supply Point Identification (SPID) Number?

Supply Point Identification (SPID) number

Every business premises has a unique Supply Point Identifier to identify the water and/or sewerage supplies at the property. The Supply Point Identifier number is also known as a SPID number.

A SPID number is similar to an MPAN number that you have for your gas and electricity supplies.

Generally, you will have one or two SPID’s per premises. If you have two, one is for your water connection (W) and one if for your sewerage connection (S).

What does my SPID number look like?

Each business premises has a Core SPID number.  Your Core SPID number will consist of 10 digits. These 10 digits make up the first part of your water and/or sewerage SPID numbers:

Your SPID number for water will generally consist of 10 digits followed by the letter ‘W’ for ‘Water’ and another two digits e.g. 0000000000W00.

Your SPID number for sewerage water will generally consist of 10 digits followed by the letter ‘S’ for ‘Sewerage’, another digit and another letter e.g. 0000000000S0X.

Why does my water retailer require a SPID number for my business premises?

A SPID number lets us (your water retailer) and your water wholesaler know where your access to water is.

Your SPID number is very important as part of your business water charges. It encompasses all of the chargeable data items related to your business premises including full meter details and return to sewer allowance.

Additionally, if you ever chose to switch business water retailers, your SPID number can be used as part of this process.

Where can I find my SPID number?

You can find a copy of both your water and sewerage SPID numbers on page 3 of your latest invoice. Our useful bill explainer shows this.

Otherwise, you can obtain your SPID number by contacting your water retailer and providing your supply address.

Does my SPID ever change?

No. The SPID for each business premises will always remain the same. The only time your unique SPID will change is if you move to different premises with a different SPID number.