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Manna From Heaven – Can My Business Use Rainwater?

The short answer is yes – you can collect and use rainwater in your business for many purposes. Unlike your average water butt, there are many systems that can be installed in your business to collect the rainwater that would usually drain away. It can be easily stored, filtered and then redirected into your business and used in many applications, including toilet flushing, irrigation, vehicle washing, cooling, fire sprinkler systems, laundry, and more.

Typically, water storage tanks will be stored on your property or perhaps underground, and rainwater downpipes will be directed into those storage units. Once any collected supplies have been used up, the system can automatically switch back to the mains supply, until more water has been collected.

Although it’s not recommended, it is possible to filter stored rainwater for drinking purposes, but this is heavily regulated and requires extensive filtration until any authority would be satisfied with the water quality.

A rainwater harvesting system can reduce your business water usage by as much as 40%, providing your company with significant savings on their traditional mains supplied water services. With more and more consumers aware of their impact on the environment, any effort your business can make to improve water efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint will build and reinforce your businesses positive image. By using a rainwater harvesting system, your company can reduce mains water usage, save your business money and promote a progressive message of sustainability.