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Castle Water CEO John Reynolds Asks: Are You Paying A Fair Price For Business Water?

Ofwat is taking action against 5 water retailers who are over-charging many of their customers. If you’re not with Castle Water you may be being ripped off.

Ofwat has published a letter on its website sent to 5 water retailers requiring them to comply with maximum price requirements – 5 water retailers have been found by Ofwat to be systematically overcharging customers. We estimate that this could affect customers of retailers supplying 50% of businesses in the UK. Ofwat has not named these companies, but we know there are 5 from the papers for the water Market Performance Committee. Castle Water complies with all price regulation, and Ofwat has not written to Castle Water. If you are a customer of another water retailer, you should check that your unit prices are correct and in line with Ofwat’s requirements, and ask your business water retailer if they were sent a Direction to Comply with the Retail Exit code by Ofwat.

Castle’s fixed charges are in some cases 80% lower than other water retailers.

Castle Water offers fair, transparent charging. You can see unit rates in our bills, and if you are not with Castle you can get an online quote, which shows the unit prices you will be charged (which are amended annually in line with regulatory requirements), and you can manage your account entirely online. In addition, with our unique Customer in Control tariff you can pay entirely in arrears with bills based on meter reads which you provide monthly. Find out if you qualify, and sign up at