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How Do I Find Out Who Supplies My Business Water?

In April 2017, the commercial water supply market underwent a fundamental change in order to make the sector more competitive.

Since then, all businesses, regardless of size, can now choose their water and wastewater supplier – similar to the way you choose your energy or telecoms supplier.

A competitive market means you can switch your business water supplier at any time, whether you want to get a better deal, experience better customer service, or change to a supplier with brand values similar to your own.

Business water wholesaler vs business water retailer

It’s important to clarify the difference between your business water wholesaler and your business water retailer. Castle Water is a business water retailer, which means that we will deal with your accountbilling, and meter readings. As a retailer, we negotiate with water wholesalers to get the best price so we can forward the savings to you.

A business water wholesaler is the company that owns the water and wastewater network supplying your business premises, including your water meter if there is one. While Castle Water is the company you will be dealing with, there may be occasions when the wholesaler will need to carry out work on your premises or investigate problems, but we will act as the liaison between you and the wholesaler.

The only time you need to contact your wholesaler directly is in an emergency outside office hours, such as a problem with the quality of your water, an interruption to the supply, or sewer flooding. Click here for a list of emergency numbers for all UK water wholesalers.

Who is your current business water retailer?

Your latest business water bill will include the details of your current commercial water supplier. However, if you’ve just moved premises, or are new to the job, you can contact us on our live web chat or by calling 01250 718700, and we will find out for you.

How Castle Water excels as a business water retailer

Castle Water is the UK’s leading independent business water supplier, with more 5-star reviews than all other water suppliers combined. Our mission is simple. We’re here to provide an excellent water service for your business at the best possible price. We’ve got everything you need to stay in control of your business water, keep your bills up-to-date, and your costs down and we’re always looking for ways to improve our service and make it even easier for our customers to manage their Castle Water account.

We have no ties to traditional network owners, which means we can fight for cost reductions at the same time as offering quality customer care.

Regardless of your business type, size or location, we can provide a tailored service to suit your needs:

  • UK-based customer service centre with more 5-star Trustpilot reviews than all other water retailers combined.
  • Manage your account online, anytime, anywhere, with MyAccount.
  • One simple bill with a variety of flexible payment options to help make paying your bill quick and easy.
  • Advice on wastewater services and trade effluent.
  • Free water efficiency advice to help your business use less water to become more sustainable and reduce costs.
  • We care about our corporate responsibility; that’s why we’re proud to partner and support  Save the Children’s Emergency Fund.

We know that you need to focus on growing your business, so why waste time on your utilities? As a Castle Water customer, you will enjoy fast, efficient service – plus plenty of features that save you time and money. Chat with us online now or call us on 01250 718700.