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Customer account number

This is a new unique number for your account. You need this reference number if you wish to discuss your account with us.

Previous account number

This is a unique number for your account on our previous billing system. You can still use this reference number if you wish to discuss your account with us for a period of time.

Bill number

If you receive multiple bills, this number helps you to identify each one.

Bill date/tax point

This is the date your tax invoice was raised.

Your previous balance

This is the balance from your last invoice.

Payments received

This shows any payments that you have made and debit/credit notes that have been applied to your account.

Balance brought forward

Balance brought forward is the current balance on your account before the charges from your new invoice have been applied.

Your water charges

These charges are for the supply of clean, fresh water to your business. As you have a water meter, this charge is based on your measured water use. This charge varies depending on how much water your business uses over time and may be reduced by using water saving measures. If your property is unmetered other charges will be in line with your tariff.

Your wastewater charges

Wastewater charges apply for all properties which are connected to a sewer, this includes services for any sewerage or wastage from the property including surface water and highway drainage. If your property only has surface water drainage, rate-based wastewater charges are not payable. However, a fixed fee will be charged.

Sundry Charge

These sundry charges can include any debits/charges for a variety of reasons, such as late payment charges, debt recovery charges, leakage allowances etc. A full breakdown of these charges are listed on page 3 of your bill.

Current balance

This is the charge for the current invoice period plus/minus any balance brought forward.