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Why Is Water A Good Solvent?

Many of the companies we provide business water services for are multi-site customers who work at an industrial level. It comes as no surprise that large scale manufacturing businesses will go through hundreds of litres of water per week. Water usage fluctuates from business to business and different companies will have varying levels of wastewater management and trade effluent considerations.

One interesting use of water in large scale industry is water’s benefits as a solvent. We can point towards many industries that use water as a solvent to make products such as foods, medicines, fertilisers, paints, pesticides, paper, and adhesives. It is even used as a solvent in mining with metals being processed with water as an essential part of the process.

What makes water such a good solvent?

Without getting too deep into the science and how the electric charge of hydrogen molecules makes for great reactions, water has the ability to let substances dissolve in it much more easily than any other liquid.

It follows that if you are operating a business that uses water in some part of the process as a solvent, you’ll have to dispose of it safely and accurately with the correct trade effluent consent. Trade effluent requirements can be complex. Castle Water’s dedicated, expert trade effluent team has the experience and technology required to understand it like no one else – and we make the process simple.

What are examples of water acting as a solvent?

You can watch it in action in your kitchen anytime you use some squash, make a cup of tea, or put water in a pan to thin a sauce.

Obviously, in the case of our customers, water usage is on a much larger scale in commercial activities ranging from industrial cleaning to food processing and manufacturing.

What kind of business uses water on such a large scale?

Castle Water provides business water services to industries that use water for processing and cleaning such as:

Why is water usage so important for businesses?

Poor water efficiency can see businesses spend more than they should on their business water bills.

Bills related to water usage aren’t the only cost considerations for large scale and multi-site industrial customers. These customers must also be mindful of aspects such as wastewater management and trade effluent consent and compliance that ensures the sewerage network can adequately handle and treat the waste. This is to protect the health and safety of staff and to protect the environment.

What does water solvency have to do with efficiency?

With it being such a resourceful liquid, businesses use water on an industrial scale for many different manufacturing and engineering processes. Taking stock of your company’s approach to efficient water use is one of the best ways to make sure you are not incurring unnecessary costs that can quickly add up. Not only can this help increase the amount you save on your bill, but it will also play a part in decreasing your carbon footprint. What is good for your business can be good for the environment, too. Your business can start saving water straight away by putting a few practical measures in place as detailed in our water efficiency guide.

How can my business get a handle on its wastewater management requirements?

Wastewater needs to be handled the right way in order to follow UK environmental regulations, otherwise, businesses can run the risk of running into extra costs due to the way they dispose of their wastewater. As an independent water company, we provide our customers with advice and assistance on professional wastewater treatment and management solutions, making it easy for businesses to manage the water they use.

What advice and assistance can I get on wastewater treatment and management?

When dealing with water solubles and safe disposal, some of the methods Castle Water can help with include:

  • Anaerobic digesters
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Environmental auditing
  • Filtration
  • O.G. control
  • Greywater recycling
  • Odour control
  • On-site treatment solutions
  • Sampling
  • Waste additives
  • Waste heat recovery

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