Castle Water are experienced professionals working with specialist partners who provide water treatment services to those in the food industry across the UK.

Water plays an important role in the food industry. Throughout the process chain, from sanitising and chilling to boiling and storage, water use needs to be held to a high degree.

For cafes, restaurants and any customer-facing food business, water use is vital and can play a big role in the bills a business has to pay, especially if it isn’t monitored correctly.

Castle Water can help businesses of all sizes try to avoid extra costs, reduce waste and gain a better understanding of their water bills.

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Wastewater treatment in food & drink processing

There are several points along the food process and manufacturing chain where wastewater occurs. These can come in the form of process water, cooling water, general purpose water, sterilisation and with clean-in-place (CIP) equipment.

Within these processes, water waste has to occur to keep production to a high sanitary standard. It is possible to reduce and optimise the process through innovative water technologies and better meter reading.

Castle Water partners with specialists who can help food and drink manufacturers lower operating costs where water is involved. In an industry where waste can’t be avoided, Castle Water can help your water usage improve while remaining environmentally sound.

If you’re a small processing company making your own range of products to be sold through an independent store, Castle Water is perfectly placed to help you understand if your water bills are what they should be.

Or if you have a company with a large factory which has a high output and fast turnaround on produce, Castle Water’s specialist partners can help tackle how you currently engage with water in your process chain and see how to lower that level.

Wastewater treatment in food service industry

Water plays such a vital role in all food service businesses that it needs to be looked after carefully. Castle Water and our specialist partners help small businesses like cafes and restaurants to have contingency plans in place for water outages, as well as water efficiency audits to see where costs can be saved.

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With high customer ratings, a dynamic level of service across the UK and a guarantee to lower your water bills wherever possible, Castle Water and our specialist partners are here to help any new client identify where wastewater management improvements can be made.

Many other companies offer these services but don’t work with experts in the industry who know where pitfalls lie. That’s what makes Castle Water different. Castle Water work with specialists who can easily identify where key adjustments can be made to improve wastewater efficiency. And with UK based customer service, you won’t be left with exaggerated delays to your service.

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