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Hollie McCarthy, Sales Graduate, discusses her Castle Water internship

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Castle Water. There is a good team dynamic where everyone works and cooperates well with one another, which makes everyday tasks a lot easier. I have been fully supported throughout my internship and have felt comfortable asking questions at every step of the way. Castle Water has a positive work environment as teams feel they can reach out to each other for information or support without hesitation. To me this impacts the culture at the company as I feel supported, respected and trusted.

Prior to starting my internship with Castle Water, I had little to no knowledge of the water industry. However, I now feel confident that I know a substantial amount about the water industry. I still have a lot to learn, and I am excited to develop my skills which will aid in my role.

Training & development

Since joining Castle Water, I have enrolled in an intermediate course for Excel and a course for Business Writing. These courses helped to advance my skills within Castle Water and will further benefit me in my final year of university. My time at Castle Water has also led me to learn new skills, as I have learnt to use systems which Castle Water use for day-to-day workload. I have received additional training in departmental programs and systems.  These systems were completely new to me but from the support of my team and manager, I now feel like I have a good grasp of them and can use them successfully independently.

Additionally, whilst at Castle Water my skills using Microsoft applications have increased which will further benefit my university work. Castle Water is a friendly environment where employees work together to complete and resolve tasks. As a result, I have developed my communication skills and my ability to work in a team.

Career opportunities

Prior to my internship, I was not certain on what career path I wanted to follow after university. I even thought about going back to university to do a year of teaching. However, my internship at Castle Water offered me a greater understanding and insight of what it’s like to work in a business sales team – a career path which I would now like to follow.

My internship with Castle Water was due to end at the beginning of August. However, I have now been offered a part time contract, whilst I complete my final year which will then roll on to a full time contract when I graduate university. This has given me a great step forward, as I will already have a year of work experience prior to graduating and puts me ahead of my university peers.