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Understanding Unmeasured Tariffs And Your Options

What is an Unmeasured Tariff?

An unmeasured tariff is used by wholesalers for supplies that cannot be metered. Under this tariff, your water charges are based on the Rateable Value of your premises. However, this method may not accurately reflect your actual water usage, especially if your consumption varies over time.

Inaccuracies in Unmeasured Tariffs

If you believe your unmeasured charges do not reflect your actual water usage, you can request the wholesaler/water network owner (such as Thames Water, Affinity, South East Water etc) to either install a meter or change to a more accurate assessed tariff. Please note, we cannot guarantee the outcome and there may be charges involved for this service.

Get Your Water Meter Installed

Contact your water network owner and request a water meter today:

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Direct Debit: Easy and Efficient

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Challenge Business Rate Valuations

Even if you can't  get a meter installed, you can still challenge your business rate valuations.

Challenge them at UK Government Business Rates Valuation.

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