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Wastewater infrastructure
in the UK

When your business uses water, much like a domestic property, it has to get transported and treated for reuse. However, some industries, like construction and agriculture, might produce wastewater in different ways which requires a more stringent treatment process.

While, for the most part, businesses like office spaces will use the same wastewater infrastructure as domestic buildings, commercial operations have a responsibility to ensure that their wastewater is properly handled.

This means that larger operations might require some extra infrastructure, such as water vats to store the trade effluent that cannot be transported through regular sewage channels.


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Wastewater treatment for large businesses

For the most part, SMEs will utilise water in a similar manner to domestic households, albeit at a larger scale in industries like hospitality and retail. This larger water consumption, and wastewater output makes it important to ensure that you have reliably low fixed charges.

Larger businesses will need some products on top of their standard trade effluent usage, for example tanks to store trade effluent and a contractor to transport said water for treatment.

Wastewater responsibilities 

It is illegal to discharge trade effluent without consent and doing so carries the risk of prosecution and fines. Any wastewater produced from businesses determined to not be appropriate for disposal through conventional sewage needs to be removed by a specialist

A trade effluent consent does not permit discharge of potentially hazardous chemicals to the sewer – businesses must ensure waste of this nature is disposed of responsibly via a specialist waste contractor.

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