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We’re the UK’s leading independent business water supplier. We can help UK businesses save up to 80% on their business water fixed charges, and our excellent guidance can help our clients save much more on top of that.

Our excellent team can provide insight which allows businesses to reduce consumption without having to cut-back significantly.

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Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

How our process helps you save on business water

While every business warrants a unique, industry-specific approach, a strong starting point is insight, from water auditing to automatic meter reading, it’s much easier to save on water when you know exactly where you are overusing.

From there Castle Water and our partners can assist with leaks, offer guidance on reducing consumption, seek out the best possible billing option for you and your business’s needs.

Our guidance is tailored to the size of your operation too, and we can help multi-premises business owners save through consolidated billing, and bespoke guidance for each of their unique business locations.

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