It would be nice to find to burst pipes before they have the chance to burst, but until now, that has been infeasible.

Suppliers in the UK have recently announced that they are applying trackers that actively assess the health of pipes. This smart new technology will alert suppliers as to when pipes begin to deteriorate, allowing them to handle the issue before it has a chance to cause any damage.

This new tracker tech has wide application in the water industry. We have had a look at the possibilities that tracked pipes offer and how much of an asset they can prove to be for the water supply industry.

Stopping Problems Before They Occur

Stopping an issue before it has the potential to develop could save huge amounts of money for suppliers, and can help businesses keep the taps running.

If these trackers detect a leak that is developing, they’ll be able to notify whoever may be responsible to get it sorted. From there waterworks can be carried out before a major disruption can occur.

This will allow business water suppliers to offer customers the assurance of stability, as a problem will not have to first occur before being amended.

Quick Response To Faults

Sometimes things do go wrong and there’s not much that can be done about it. But these trackers will help minimise long-term damage.

If a tracked pipe bursts, for instance due to a storm, emergency plumbers or engineers can be called out straight away – there’s no need to wait for the phone calls to come in.

In situations like this, minutes are crucial, so being able to respond that little bit quicker may prove to be a huge advantage. To ensure your business is prepared, it’s worthwhile setting up a water contingency plan in case an emergency situation were to arise.

As well as getting things sorted quicker, trackers will also help reduce the risk of a fault developing into several faults due to the quick response.

More Effective Maintenance

Often maintenance is carried out geographically, which does make sense, but this new tracking application could re-prioritise the way that maintenance is completed. If you are planning maintenance, you can have it carried out in a more pragmatic order due to the insight trackers offer.

Trackers allow you to find the piping that requires the most attention and start from there, working towards your newest and sturdiest piping.

This could potentially lead to a water framework that remains in great working order on a consistent basis, benefitting wholesalers, suppliers and customers.

A better business water service

Generally, there is huge potential in tracked pipes; so moving forward, when pipes are being laid, adding trackers may be exactly what’s needed to take water industry efficiency to that next level.

Unfortunately, that’s still a while away, so you are as well switching to a supplier who offers excellent services and support for when things go wrong.

As the largest supplier of business water services in the UK, Castle Water can supply your business with industry leading water management services. In the future, our services will only get better with the wider application of tracked piping.

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