With your business taking up more and more of your time, finding time-savings can be near impossible. But efficiencies can sometimes be found just by evaluating the ways we work and assessing if things can be done better and quicker.

Paying your bills is something we often do by habit. We make time to sit down and write the cheques, or go to the post office, or give our card details online or over the phone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – right?

But this process has been fixed – and improved – because those older methods use time and energy you don’t always have to spare. With monthly Direct Debit, you can be sure that your utility expenditure is taken care of so you can focus on other parts of your business. It’s quick and easy to set up, and it can really help your business to budget more efficiently. Take paying bills off your to-do list with Direct Debit. But if you still need more convincing, here are some more fantastic reasons to switch.

You won’t have to contact us to pay your bill every time

Forget about calling us or going online, forget about typing in your card details or reciting them over the phone. With Direct Debit, it’s all taken care of. It’s easy to set up and then you can just sit back and relax.

You won’t have to write cheques to pay your bill

What is this – the 80s?! Cheques had their time, but this isn’t it. Think of all those requirements; did you write the correct amount – in figures and words? Did you date it correctly? Did you sign it? Do you need to write your name and address on the back? And how long will it take to clear? Direct Debit payments are processed automatically with no waiting for payments to clear. It’s just done.

You won’t have to queue at the post office to pay your bill

The Post Office does a great job, but waiting in one of those lines should only be done if it’s absolutely necessary. Sending a knitted scarf to your cousin? Get in line. Need some Euros for that trip to France? Get in line. Paying your water bill? Save your time and sanity by using Direct Debit.

Direct Debit takes the hassle out of paying your water bills.

It just makes sense. Make the switch today.