Six years ago, the United Nations launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals which it describes as a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

As the UK’s leading independent business water retailer, we’re doing our part to support these goals and do our part to make the world more sustainable – it’s everyone’s future we’re working towards.

Clean water and sanitation

The UN’s sixth sustainability goal is ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’. As you’d imagine, the availability of clean drinking water and the safe disposal of wastewater is a high priority the world over. Even though the UK rarely suffers from droughts, we are mindful of the need to conserve water.

How we encourage water efficiency

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service and make it even easier for our customers to manage their Castle Water account. This includes helping our customers to save water and save money.

Regular meter readings help to track your water usage to improve efficiency and reduce costs. It’s easy to submit regular meter readings on MyAccount to help ensure your bills stay up-to-date and you only pay for what you use.

We give free, practical advice to help our customers use less water to become more sustainable and reduce costs. Our customers can use our free online resources to engage with staff and encourage cultural changes that result in less water being used. Our Water Efficiency Guide is packed with easy and practical tips to help businesses save water and money.

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you’ll know that we publish advice about how your business can become more water efficient. Water efficiency measures don’t need to be expensive or expansive, and they can begin as small as simply encouraging employees to make sure taps are properly turned off when they’ve finished washing their hands.

However, the more you invest in water efficiency measures, the more you’ll save. If you run a business that by necessity uses a lot of water, your investment could pay for itself very quickly - indeed, one of our customers recouped their initial investment in just twelve months.

Supporting the marginalised and disadvantaged

The tenth UN Goal is ‘Reduced Inequalities’, which encourages support for the marginalised and disadvantaged. Castle Water is proud to partner and support Save the Children’s Emergency Fund. In the critical first few hours and long after the initial emergency, Castle Water and Save the Children make sure children can get the safe, clean drinking water they need to survive. Castle Water employees are fully behind our efforts and regularly participate in fundraising events, such as our annual Christmas Jumper Day.

Every time a Castle Water customer submits a meter reading, we donate £1 to the Save the Children Emergency Fund. In April, Castle Water won Save the Children’s award for Outstanding Support for Children in Emergencies. John Reynolds, Castle Water CEO, said “Everyone at Castle is really committed to supporting Save the Children – this is an important part of what we stand for as a company, and it is great to be able to play a role in helping children stay safe, healthy and learning in emergencies around the world."

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