If your supply is metered and you pay by monthly Direct Debit you will receive two bills this year instead of one.

We know the amount of water your business is using can change. We want to review your water/wastewater usage and your payments more frequently to reflect changes in consumption and to make sure you are paying the right amount, so we will send you two bills in 2021 instead of one.

When we calculate your bill every six months, we will use any recent meter readings to understand how much water you are using. This in turn allows us to check your Direct Debit more regularly and make sure you are paying the right amount.

After calculating the bill, we will divide your resulting account balance into six equal monthly payments and will let you know how much we are going to collect and when. We will always write to you to give 10 working days’ notice before your monthly payments change.

To find out more about how we calculate your monthly Direct Debit payments, click here.

Submit regular meter readings

We aim to read water meters twice each year, but we also encourage our customers to provide readings if it is safe to access the meter. We will use these readings and what we know about your consumption history to estimate your usage.

Providing regular meter readings help us make sure you are paying the right amount each month because the more readings we have, the more accurate your bills will be. Log in or register for MyAccount to submit your meter reading here.

If you are using significantly more water or significantly less water than normal, get in touch to let us know so we can adjust your Direct Debit sooner rather than later.

Check your account balance

You can keep track of your monthly payments and view your account balance at any time via MyAccount.

For a few months each year your account will be in credit, and for a few months it will be in debit, but it should all even out and we will review your monthly payments every six months. If you receive a refund when there’s a credit balance on your account, your monthly charges may need to go up at a later date.

We continue to collect monthly payments as long as you remain our customer and continue using water services. If you want to cancel your Direct Debit, please get in touch to let us know.

Log in or register for MyAccount to submit your meter reading and view your account balance here.

How to set up a Direct Debit

If you don’t already pay by Direct Debit, sign up now by completing the mandate here.

Visit our FAQs here.