Now that the colder season is well underway, business owners may face potential risks and disruptions. Ensuring the readiness of your business premises for the autumn months is essential for maintaining the safety of your building, employees and customers.

It is important to be ready for stormy, cold weather to make sure your premises can manage the pressure, avoiding unnecessary burst pipes and flooding.

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Manage your gutters

Drainage starts from the gutters and if not cleared properly, can influence the rest of you water systems. The simple cleaning of gutters can save your business premises from blocked or burst pipes.

Overflowing gutters can lead to damage to the business premises which could cause a higher change of flooding and leaking. Start by removing any debris that may have accumulated to maintain proper water flow. An optimal time to clean the gutters is in the late autumn after all the leaves have fallen, but before the first frost and snowfall.

Check for leaks

Leaves, rocks, dirt and sticks can be carried into the sewage system during a storm, and too much of it can create a blockage that stops water flow. These blockages can lead to a pipe burst which can cause further damage to your business premises. Make sure you are keeping on top of monitoring your pipes and catching leaks as soon as you can. When sewage and drainage systems are under added pressure from storms, any issues can rapidly become bigger and accumulate.

An indication that a leak may be present on your business premises include:

  • Unexplained flooding
  • Pooling water
  • Penetrating damp
  • Mould
  • Green areas amid dry ground
  • Increased water consumption

Keep your drains clear

When there is heavy rainfall, it is important to ensure your drains can deal with the extra surface drainage to reduce the risk of flooding. Educate your employees on the importance of not flushing inappropriate things down the toilet; such as wet wipes and sanitary products, as these can accumulate and cause ‘fatbergs’.

Put notices in the bathroom to remind employees that there are special bins provided for these products. If you have canteen kitchens, make sure there are adequate grease traps in the sinks so no oils and fats can reach the sewers.

Harvest rainwater

During the autumn months, it makes sense to harvest rainwater and store it ready for dry spells during the summer. Rainwater is perfectly safe to use to flush toilets, water grounds and plants, clean vehicles and wash down yards and path outside your business premises.

With commercial rainwater harvesting, the water is collected from roofs and gutters and diverted into a reservoir tank which stops debris from contaminating it.

Water efficiency

Alongside preparing your business for the autumn weather, having a water efficiency strategy in place can help to save water and reduce your monthly bills.