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Business owners in South Lanarkshire can now save up to 20% on water bills when they switch their business water supplier to Castle Water.

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Proudly Serving Businesses in South Lanarkshire

Castle Water is helping independent businesses throughout South Lanarkshire with their business water services. Our team is helping companies from Blantyre to Strathaven understand what they should be paying for water bills, and where changes can be made to bring costs down.

South Lanarkshire is one of the populous council areas in Scotland, but many businesses in the area can often find themselves with limited resources in managing water usage and billings. Ensuring bills reflect genuine usage, and systems are as efficient as possible, is something our team can help with.

Helping Businesses in South Lanarkshire

South Lanarkshire is home to a diverse range of businesses which use water in their own way. Castle Water enables local businesses to make strides in lowering bills and improving water usage. It all starts by learning how to switch water supplier.

Switching is something business owners think will cause problems or disruptions to daily operations, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When a business decides to make the switch to Castle Water, our customer service team will try to take care of as much as possible.

Areas Castle Water can cover in South Lanarkshire include:

  • Blantyre
  • Cambuslang
  • Carluke
  • East Kilbride
  • Hamilton
  • Lanark
  • Larkhall
  • Rutherglen
  • Strathaven

If you are based in the South Lanarkshire and want to talk with someone about moving supplier, contact us today and speak with a Castle Water representative.

Switch Water Supply Company in South Lanarkshire

Castle Water aims to be more than just a name you associate with your water bill. A big part of improving costs for our customers comes from helping optimise internal water networks through specific optimisation services.

Customers looking for a water supplier that cares about their business will find a great range of benefits when switching to Castle Water. Switching water supplier is now easier than ever and it starts with a quote.

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Customers can expect guidance on areas like:

If you’d like to know more about any of these services, please contact our team for more information.

Where Does South Lanarkshire get Water From?

With the River Clyde flowing through the north of the area, you might expect that’s how South Lanarkshire gets most of its water supply. While there are a few reservoirs just outside Carluke, and the Dunside Reservoirs down near Coalburn, it isn’t exactly how most of South Lanarkshire gets water.

A lot of water is sourced from many of the larger dams and reservoirs and brought to waterworks which check and clean the water. It is then pumped through the local network and shared through most of the council area.

Water Solutions for Businesses in South Lanarkshire

Castle Water prides itself on being able to help smaller businesses, especially those who feel they’re not getting the best deal from their current supplier. From small cafes and restaurants in East Kilbride to shops in Carluke and Crawford, let our team see if you can be placed on a tariff which better reflects water usage.

Please contact us today to find out more.

Better Water Billing for Larger Businesses

With the M74 running right through South Lanarkshire, there are several businesses which work in a more substantial capacity to send products throughout the country. When using water at scale, whether through industrial processing or agriculture needs, dedicated services suited to larger businesses provide greater benefits.

Find out more about the industries Castle Water can help here.

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Got multiple locations to consider? Or are you a local SMB that needs assistance? Any kind of business owner in South Lanarkshire could see water bills come down when they get in touch with Castle Water. Learn about how to switch today!

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Save up to 20% on water bills

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