It’s just a fact of life that businesses that have an industrial background need to use a lot of water. In factories that do anything from processing to bottling to food production, water is used at various points throughout the chain.

Even doing something necessary like plant cleaning will use up a large amount of water; water that simply can’t be flushed back into the sewer.

Castle Water’s specialist partners can help businesses, that have to carry out wastewater treatment on an industrial scale, lower their water output, use technology to improve water efficiency, and most importantly, keep costs down.

Large or Multi-site Organisation

Industrial wastewater treatment process

Industrial wastewater treatment takes a large volume of affected material, processes it through different stages and gets the remaining effluent to a stage where it can be safely disposed of.

Industrial plants and factories tend to have a mixture of liquids channelling through to a central wastewater area for processing, so knowing how to separate materials efficiently and safely is important.

When should a business have an industrial wastewater system?

A business should have an industrial system if they process a high volume of liquids and need to ensure that wastewater complies with their local regulatory standards.

Businesses that use chemicals en masse would also need to have a strong system in place; one that reliably keeps water levels to a minimum for processing.

Affordable industrial wastewater treatment

For companies that have different locations, Castle Water provides consolidated billing. This comes in handy if you have similarly sized factories in different locations, as it can help identify where potential water wastage is occurring and create opportunities to lower costs across the board.

Castle Water have specialists at hand to help UK based companies improve how they treat wastewater and can use industrial systems to their benefit.

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We know that keeping a factory running takes a lot of water, but it shouldn’t mean your bills keep going up. Castle Water has helped thousands of businesses across the UK switch water providers, helping to dramatically lower the amount they’re paying on their water rates. You can get better meter readings, access to innovative water-related technologies and promote water efficiency amongst staff.

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