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Food and Beverage Water Management

Castle Water are experienced professionals working with specialist partners who provide water treatment services to those in the food and drink industry across the UK.

Water plays an important role in the food industry. Throughout the process chain, from sanitising and chilling to boiling and storage, water use needs to be held to a high degree. For cafes, restaurants and any customer-facing food business, water use is vital and can play a big role in the bills a business has to pay, especially if it isn’t monitored correctly.

Castle Water can help businesses of all sizes try to avoid extra costs, reduce waste and gain a better understanding of their water bills.

Water Usage In The Beverage Industry

Beverage bottling usually begins with municipal tap water, which comes directly from the city’s water sources. Tap supplies like this are certainly appropriate for water consumption but tend to have some hardness or heavy metal deposits (usually from the pipes that carry the water) that affect the taste. Water softeners and reverse osmosis (RO) perfectly produce pure drinking water.

Sustainability In The Beverage Industry

Figures from the Water Footprint Network say that it takes as much as 370 litres of water to make a litre of soda. A pint of beer requires 150 litres of water to produce, and it takes 140 litres to make just one cup of coffee. To make 1 litre of wine requires 1,000 litres of water.


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How Is Water Used In The Beverage Industry?

Water is mainly used in chilling, steam generation, cleaning, and naturally, production of beverages. Most of the water that doesn't go in the drink is used to clean the various equipment in the factory. Therefore, water is necessary for a direct way as an essential ingredient of the product, and indirectly, as a liquid used for the running of the plant.

Wastewater treatment in food & drink processing

There are several points along the food process and manufacturing chain where wastewater occurs. These can come in the form of process water, cooling water, general purpose water, sterilisation and with clean-in-place (CIP) equipment.

Within these processes, water waste has to occur to keep production to a high sanitary standard. It is possible to reduce and optimise the process through innovative water technologies and better meter reading.

Castle Water partners with specialists who can help food and drink manufacturers lower operating costs where water is involved. In an industry where waste can’t be avoided, Castle Water can help your water usage improve while remaining environmentally sound.

If you’re a small processing company making your own range of products to be sold through an independent store, Castle Water is perfectly placed to help you understand if your water bills are what they should be.

Or if you have a company with a large factory which has a high output and fast turnaround on produce, Castle Water’s specialist partners can help tackle how you currently engage with water in your process chain and see how to lower that level.

Castle Water For Your Business Water

The environment is at the core of our business. We guarantee that your beverage company will never have to face an environmental issue like pollution, which harms the ecosystem and your reputation.

We can:

  • Deal co-ordinate the secure disposal of your wastewater, ensuring that it’s discharged in a way that protects the environment.
  • Consolidate your billing if you have several industrial premises.
  • Advice you on what you must do to be compliant with the environmental statute and give you a plan of action that suits your business
  • Always procure reliable and environmentally sound business water that you know is safe and trustworthy. 

Other popular services include:

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