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Airdrie’s economy has evolved over the years from a manufacturing standpoint to more of a service and retail-based local industry. This means the area has a diverse range of businesses which all use water in unique ways. Castle Water is a leading Scottish water business supplier, helping businesses understand where to make improvements in internal systems, and what measures can be taken to lower consumption.

Many local businesses think that they have to be a Scottish Water customer, but this isn’t the case. While they’re in charge of looking after every connection in the country, every business has the right to switch water supplier if they feel they’ll get a better deal.

Castle Water help get businesses in Airdrie in top condition, thanks to the hard work of local agents who know the ways companies in the local area should be using water.

Changing Water Supplier in Airdrie

Castle Water help get businesses in Airdrie in optimal condition, thanks to the hard work of local agents who know the ways companies in the local area should be using water.

If you run a business in Airdrie, you can now change water supplier and save on your business water bills in a hassle-free manner with Castle Water. Click here to start the process and see how we can help your business.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Services Castle Water customers in the area of Airdrie can make use of include:

  • Dedicated business water supply
  • Trade effluent advice
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Smart water metering to lower costs
  • Emergency water planning
  • Improved water billing

Services like these help your business understand what long-term savings can be made and where instant changes will help down the line.

Where Airdrie Businesses get Water From

You might expect water in the area to filter down from hills or reservoirs, but the majority of water in Airdrie is sourced from groundwater. This is where water collects in underground pools after filtering down through the rock.

You’ll usually hear that water sourced this way tends to be classified as “hard water” due to minerals like calcium present in the rock, but this is more the case in England instead of in Scotland. So while water is sourced this way, it remains soft.

Water Solutions for Airdrie Businesses

Anyone running a business in Airdrie or North Lanarkshire can benefit from improved water solutions thanks to Castle Water. Business owners interested in learning how much can be saved can get an instant quote in a manner of minutes. Fill in the form, and one of the team will be in touch to discuss how your business water bills can potentially be lowered.

Larger companies around Monklands, Coatbridge and the M8 can also benefit from better bills and improved water efficiency services. Paying attention to areas like wastewater management and trade effluent is necessary for helping companies which use a large amount of water in daily operations across various sites.

Have a business in Airdrie? Get in Touch

If you’re based in Airdrie, please call us today on 01250 718 700. Lines open weekdays from 8 am. You can talk directly with our team who will be happy to help answer any questions regarding business water services, as well as energy services, and how to switch without interruption to daily operations.